Step By Step Guide For PSV From The Department Of Community Development Abu Dhabi

Author : Dataflow Group | Published On : 01 Apr 2022


The Community Development Authority (CDA) of Abu Dhabi has a strict set of rules and guidelines that every aspiring job applicant follows. CDA has partnered with DataFlow for primary source verification of the applications to screen unwanted profiles right at the beginning phase.

To make it easier for the primary source verification of all the necessary documents, DataFlow Abu Dhabi has segregated the application process in the following steps.

Steps for CDA Abu Dhabi primary source verification application

  1. Visit and enter your valid email ID for further communication. An automated email is sent on your email ID with an activation link.
  2. Select the CDA option from the dropdown menu and fill out the Application Registration Form to get a unique registration ID. Once you submit, the webpage will send a registration ID and a password to your email ID.
  3. Use this registration ID and password to activate your account on the ‘Sign In’ webpage. If you have accidentally lost your password, you can request another one by clicking the option ‘forgot password. You will receive a link on your email ID for the reactivation of your account.
  4. The webpage will take you to DataFlow Abu Dhabi’s “Dashboard” pageChoose ‘Detailed Case Entry’. On this page, you will find another option, ‘Check Your Status,’ to check the progress of the PSV process. Enter your case registration ID and password to check the status of your case.
  5. Pay attention to this step, as you will have to choose your profession from the dropdown menu. Select the service package you want to proceed with and move on.
  6. You will then land on the ‘Personal Details’ page. Enter your personal information in the respective tabs with clear scanned images of your passport and name change certificate and a legal support document stating the same.
  7. Proceed to the health license page and upload scanned copies and renewal documents, if any.
  8. Proceed to the employment page, where you have to mention your previous experiences and your experience certificates and self-employment/business registration documents.
  9. In the education part, upload clear scanned copies of your original educational certificates as guided by the CDA.
  10. The next step is to download the provided format of the letter of authorization. Print, sign, scan, and upload on this webpage and agree to the terms and conditions.
  11. When you go on ‘Next,’ you will reach the ‘Application Review’ webpage of DataFlow Abu Dhabi. Check all the information and documents you entered and uploaded. Click ‘Edit’ if you want to change something.
  12. Proceed to the payment page and pay the respective fees for the chosen service package. Click ‘Submit Application’ and get redirected to the payment gateway.
  13. A printable receipt will be generated, and the webpage will forward your application for PSV.
  14. You can track your PSV progress by clicking the ‘Check Your Progress’ option.

You will get a notification when DataFlow Abu Dhabi generates the final report. You can download and print it to obtain professional licensure, college admission, or higher ranks in institutions across different sectors.



 About the author :

The DataFlow Group is a pioneering global provider of specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, and background screening and immigration compliance services that assist public and private organizations in mitigating risks to make informed, cost-effective decisions regarding their Applicants and Registrants. DataFlow is part of EQT, a value-creating organisation aimed at building well- positioned companies for the future across the globe.