The #1 Way to Lose Weight During the Holidays

Author : Clay Jensen | Published On : 04 Jan 2022

The season of Christmas is upon us and that's a good thing because it means one thing: plenty of oh yummy food. Although you shouldn't totally ignore the dishes you enjoy which only appear every year, you shouldn't need to forget about your goals for losing weight. You've worked hard for a while! Additionally, holiday weight gain is quite real. However, don't worry about it you'll find numerous (easy!) ways to ensure you stay in the most beautiful season.

"The clients that I have seen navigate through the holiday season and still stay on track with their goals are the ones who are truly invested in their journey and their 'WHY.' Temptations will be inevitable, no matter the season, but it's the intrinsic motivation that has them stick to their goal and their journey to attaining it," says fitness expert Adriana Gentile who's fitness and nutrition programs help clients attain balance by improving digestion and health as well as increasing their natural energy levels and hormone balance and deep cleansing of the cellular, cutting down on body fat, and growing the size of their muscles. Personal Trainer San Diego Iron Orr Fitness- is committed to helping you achieve your fitness related goals

In essence, it's your responsibility to be accountable for yourself. It's not difficult to achieve than you think. Gentile offers her top strategies to keep you in the right direction and lose weight during the holiday season in the right method. Follow her advice and you'll reduce weight over the holiday season. To maintain your health-conscious lifestyle, be sure to check out the 21 best healthy cooking Tips of all Time.

Don't skip breakfast.

" Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it dictates your nutrition decisions later on in the day," she says. "Give your body an adequate amount of protein, fats, carbs, and most importantly, micronutrients (aka vitamins and minerals). The holiday time of year is not the time to skip your multivitamin and perhaps the perfect time to invest in a greens powder! Fill in those nutrient gaps first thing in the morning so your body doesn't mistake a vitamin or mineral deficiency as a craving."

Eat regularly during the course of your day.

"You don't need to have massive meal portions--they just have to be consistent so we can keep your metabolism high," Gentile says. "This will also go hand-in-hand with delivering consistent nutrients to your body so that it feels fortified. [This way,] you're less likely to experience cravings later on in the day."

Instead of wait until dinner to really indulge and skip meals throughout the day, you'll need to adhere to a regular food schedule.

"I recommend having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with two snacks in between," Gentile states. "However, you can also strategize your day by macros (protein, fats, and carbs). For example, if you know you're going to have a carb-heavy dinner, then perhaps stick closer to your protein, veggies, and healthy fats during the day and save that carb-load for your evening meal."

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

"Never has it been more important to get your daily 3-4 liters water intake," Gentile claims. " Drinking water has numerous benefits but, when it comes to the season of Christmas it's an excellent resource to have to help you stay healthy for a variety of reasons. One, it can make you feel more fuller and fuller between meals which can reduce the amount of calories consumed. Additionally, it assists in flushing out excess sodium that comes along with all those delicious holiday dishes. More water that you consume and drink, your body will lose less fluid to hold."

Make better decisions about alcohol.

You'll want to be cautious before drinking the holiday drink. Like Gentile states that it's about making the more sensible decision if you're keen to shed some weight and still enjoy the holiday celebrations.

"'The best plan is the plan that you can adhere to the longest.' [This means] that for some of you, Bailey's in your coffee during the month of December might be your 'thing,' but your new 'thing' are those weight-loss goals you set for yourself," Gentile says. "So let's try to make a smarter decision instead of cutting it out completely."

The key is to make smarter choices!

"When it is about wine, generally red wines have less sugar than whites, and also the antioxidant-like property of resveratrol. Vodka is the winner of the most caloric hard liquor consumption and, in the second spot, we have three of them: whiskey, gin, and tequila." she says. "Now, please ensure that you drink more fluids if you're likely to drink alcohol. The next morning you'll be grateful to me!"

Don't skip your workout.

"I know times can get crazy around the holiday season, but you have to make the time for yourself. Or else you'll get just as lost in your weight-loss goals as you would in a mall parking lot on Christmas Eve--yikes," Gentile suggests. "Right now, you want to do a combo of heavyweights to really break down your muscle fibers, giving a place for holiday calories to go and repair the good damage that has been done. As well as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to keep your heart rate high and promote your fat-loss training zone. Fasted workouts are also a great tool to lean in to after a very indulgent evening!"

Are you unsure of what to do? Gentile advises you to choose a program you believe will work best for you.

"Find a program, stick to the program. Find a program that is realistic and that you're excited about," she advises "Factor in your plans for your parties and appointments prior to them and arrange your timetable around it, making certain to schedule the time you exercise. Keep to your planned schedule and respect the time you've given to yourself. A workout of one hour is 4percent of your time, you are doing it!"

Be confident in saying "no."                                                                                       

Although the holiday season is famous for being the time to spend with family and friends, don't feel that you have to submit to the demands to eat something that you're not going to want to eat. Make a decision to place the food on your table that you already know you'll enjoy.

"My honest suggestion is to give anyone the ability for them to state "no" or to voice their goals to their parties," Gentile states. "A lot of people give in to peer/family pressure simply because they don't want to hurt the feelings of others. This mindset will only appease the people around you and not yourself."

What is the best way to approach an issue like this? Simply be truthful!

"You could even save it for later. You can say, 'thank you so much for your butter tart, I bet it's delicious! I am just super invested and excited about my health goals right now, would you mind if I took this with me to pop in my freezer and take it out to celebrate once I hit my goal?'" Gentile suggests. "Who could say no to your honesty? Put yourself first [and] you'll thank yourself come Jan. 1 when all the New Year-resolutioners are coming out, yet you've already had a head start."