Terpenes Medical Uses

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 23 Sep 2021

Then we also see positive effects at undetectable levels in the blood which could be because the terpenes even though they come in and already low concentrations they distribute pretty widely in the body if it's in the nervous system they really go into the lipids pretty quickly so the body can absorb a lot of the terpene and take them right out of the plasma but we can still have effects at very low Buy Terpenes concentrations some studies show strong serotonin activity which could be partially responsible for the effects on mood pain and sleep and we see this a lot with some of the quotes indica strains and just a caveat we know that we're gonna be changing that nomenclature soon but certainly some types of cannabis will make people much more sleepy than other types of cannabis a lot of this is involved with the terpene profiles.

I think that when we have an educated palate we can learn to smell the types of cannabis that tend to work best for us some people will notice that they do much better with certain types of strains than others and again back to the genetic component a large part of terpene production is genetic so utilizing genetic information can potentially be helpful for folks as well the terpenes will start with mere scene Mersin also known as beta mere seen is a terpene that is common to a lot of other plants lemongrass has high levels of Mir seen in it as do True Terpenes mangos and hops hops and and lemongrass are known to have sedative and relaxing effects and hops is actually a cousin of cannabis in the plant world so when combined with THC especially there's a synergistic effect with Mir scene and it really can help produce sedation Mir scene is one of the molecules responsible for couch lock so for those people who really like in indica to really get into their body and feel relaxed that a lot of the times is a high mersin component it does have some pretty remarkable physiologic effects as a standalone molecule.

It's anti-inflammatory through prostaglandin pathways so anytime you're using an anti-inflammatory approach there are different in Nitori pathways and when you hit more than one you have this potential for synergy as well so l so in addition to an anti-inflammatory is a good pain reliever I mentioned the sedative aspects of it it is a muscle relaxant and in animal studies mersin blocks liver cancer from forming this is I think really interesting and we will attach a pretty technical link to a pretty technical article on Terpenes for sale and liver cancer I'm not suggesting that that's the case but just in terms of liver protection thinking of medicines we normally think of medicines as things that hit the liver hard acetaminophen tylenol for example can literally cause liver cancer this is a pain relieving molecule that actually in animal studies is preventing it so and again potential for synergy with other pathways whether that be for sleep induction or for pain relief.