Taste of the Wild: The Advantages of Purchasing High-Quality Kibble

Author : Anika Ahmed | Published On : 25 Mar 2024

Dogs are unique animals that, since the beginning of humanity, have offered us genuine affection and uncompromising love. Dogs are loyal, intelligent, clean, and affectionate pets that can be the perfect cuddling partner for relaxing moments or fierce defenders for your family that you can rely on. Want a companion to spend your free time with? A partner who encourages you to get out of the house and partake in physical activities? Then, a dog can be the solution to your needs and provide you with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Moreover, dogs come in various breeds that can perfectly match the characteristics of your home. Do you live in a small apartment that you share with roommates? Then, it would be best if you had a small but loyal dog that doesn't exhibit exaggerated territorial tendencies. So, you may want to consider a Maltese or a Dachshund. Do you live in the countryside and have enough space for an energetic, loyal, and intelligent dog? Then you could go for an Australian Shepperd. And if you want a real couch potato who will be the cuddliest bundle of joy you've ever seen, you should buy or adopt an English Bulldog.

But although they differ in appearance, dogs have one thing in common: they need balanced nutrition to flourish. Do you want your fluffy friend to grow strong and stay in your family for years to come? Then, you'll need to buy high-quality dog food from nationally renowned brands like Pedigree, Taste of the Wild or Purina. The kibble or wet dog food you buy for your fluffball will be essential for its long-term development. Therefore, it is important to do your research and choose the products of a manufacturer who invests heavily in their product lineup.

Why Purchase Products from This Brand?

Ultimately, it's a matter of quality. Are you one of the many Australians who decided to improve their lives with the help of a pet? Then, your fluffball’s nutritional needs will need to be covered through high-quality kibble. The dog food manufactured by Taste of the Wild includes only protein sources from known sources. Moreover, the products of the brand managed by Diamond Pet Foods are internationally recognised, sold in no less than one hundred countries, and recommended by the majority of veterinarians.

The dog food marketed by Taste of the Wild is artificial preservatives free, is available in various formulas suited for both puppies and senior dogs and benefits from positive reviews from customers on different continents. Moreover, their commercialised kibble includes probiotics, which help digestion & have a positive effect on the dog's immune system and added vitamins or minerals, which, in the long run, can be essential to avoid expensive vet bills and increase the vitality of your pup.

Why should you only look at a premium brand like Taste of the Wild? Consistency. Your dog deserves only the best, and products marketed by internationally renowned brands benefit from the best ingredients, provide the most precise daily caloric intake, and are enhanced with the minerals and vitamins your furry friend needs. Is premium brand kibble sometimes more expensive? Yes, but what you get in return is a promise of quality. Nationally active brands invest considerable amounts in R&D and are the go-to solution if you need high-quality dog food that doesn't make compromises.

Who Regulates Dog Food?

Before the kibble you are interested in is available for your pet, it has to go through a lengthy approval process. Which organisations deal with the regulatory approaches for pet food? In the United States, it's the Food and Drug Administration and the AAFCO. The regulations in the USA focus primarily on achieving the required daily nutritional values for pets and not on the source of the ingredients used.

In the EU, on the other hand, pet food is regulated by the FEDIAF, and the difference from the USA regulation is the emphasis on more transparent sources of origins for the ingredients used and more prescriptive terms for the types of agents involved in the manufacturing of the products. Moreover, the EU is stricter with the additives permitted in commercialised pet food. For example, BHT and BHA are banned in the EU, Canada, and Australia but not in the United States of America.

In Australia, pet food is regulated by the PFIAA, which follows a similar approach to that of the European Union. The ingredients used in the production of the pet food sold in our country must be descriptive, the protein sources must be from known origins, and the usage of additives such as Ortho-phenylphenol is prohibited. Overall, whether we are talking about kibble or wet food, the products found in Aussie pet shops are safe. However, there are differences between the quality of the kibble, which is why you should always go for name brands.

What Does the Ideal Kibble Look Like?

Firstly, the kibble you buy must be high in protein, which should come from a known organic meat source. Because of the Omega acids, fish kibble is preferable, at least for dogs suffering from skin allergies. However, other options to consider are dog foods containing mutton, chicken or liver. Although they are omnivorous animals, just like us, dogs need balanced nutrition to develop properly. Therefore, the kibble you buy should be low in added fillers, use only natural preservatives, contain no additives, and offer a source of whole-grain carbohydrates.

Moreover, the kibble you buy should contain added probiotics, be enhanced with minerals and vitamins, and include at least 3% fibre. Protein should make up about 20% of your fluffball's diet, while carbs and legumes should not exceed 30-35%. Dogs may have different nutritional requirements depending on their breed, size or allergenic conditions. Therefore, before changing the kibble of your puppy, a good idea would be to contact your local veterinarian and only go for products that have been approved for animal use by the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia.

A Matter of Nutritional Perfection

On average, dogs live between ten and thirteen years. However, their quality of life will be primarily influenced by the nutritional balance they receive. Do you want your fluffball to be well-fed, avoid health problems in the future, and ensure that your furry friend's food won't lead to digestive problems down the road? Then, you'll need to choose only products created by reputable brands such as Pedigree, Royal Canin, Purina or Taste of the Wild.

Internationally active brands have the most to lose if the products they market are not up to par. So, they invest considerable amounts in the research of their kibble and turn to professional nutritionists for the formulas of the products they sell. The kibble marketed by the top brands uses only meat sources from known origins; the rest of the ingredients are ethically sourced, and the fillers are kept to a minimum.

Moreover, the kibble produced by top brands can be found with formulas appropriate for both puppies and senior canines, enhanced with vitamins and minerals that your dog cannot synthesise alone. Plus, the kibble produced by top brands can be found in different price ranges, suitable for all pockets. Ultimately, your dog deserves the best. So, buying premium kibble is the least you can do to show him your affection.