Swiss Airlines Seat Selection: A Comprehensive Guide

Author : jack barker | Published On : 10 Jul 2024

Types of Seats Available

1. Standard Seats: These seats are available throughout the cabin and offer standard legroom and amenities. They are ideal for passengers looking for a comfortable and cost-effective travel experience.

2. Preferred Seats: Located in the front rows of the Economy cabin, preferred seats allow for quicker disembarkation. This option is perfect for travelers who prioritize convenience and wish to exit the aircraft swiftly upon arrival.

3. Extra Legroom Seats: Positioned in exit rows and other designated areas, these seats provide additional legroom for greater comfort. They are especially beneficial for taller passengers or those who simply want more space to stretch out during the flight.

4. Business and First-Class Seats: For those traveling in Business or First Class, Swiss Airlines offers enhanced comfort and privacy. These seats include options like lie-flat beds and direct aisle access, making them ideal for long-haul flights and ensuring a luxurious travel experience.

Booking Process for Swiss Airlines Seat Selection

Swiss Airlines seat selection can be done at various stages of the booking process:

1. During Booking: Passengers can select their seats when they initially book their flight on the Swiss Airlines website, mobile app, or through a travel agent. The seat map displayed will show available seats and any associated fees.

2. After Booking: If passengers did not select a seat during booking, they can do so later through the “Manage My Booking” section on the Swiss Airlines website or app. This can be done up to a certain time before departure, depending on the ticket type and fare conditions.

3. At Check-In: Passengers can also select or change their seats during online check-in, which opens 23 hours before departure. However, seat availability may be limited at this stage, especially for popular or premium seats.

Fees for Seat Selection

Swiss Airlines seat selection fees vary depending on the type of seat, the fare class, and the route. Here’s a general overview:

1. Economy Class:

  • Standard Seats: Often free of charge for passengers with higher-tier frequent flyer status or those traveling on more flexible fares. Others may incur a small fee.
  • Preferred Seats: Typically available for a fee, which can range depending on the length of the flight and fare class.
  • Extra Legroom Seats: These seats usually come with a higher fee due to the additional comfort they provide.

2. Business and First Class: Seat selection is generally included in the ticket price, offering passengers a choice of premium seating options at no additional cost.

Important Considerations

1. Advance Booking: To secure preferred seating, it is advisable to select seats as early as possible. This is particularly important for families or groups who wish to sit together, or for those with specific seating preferences.

2. Frequent Flyer Benefits: Members of Swiss Airlines’ frequent flyer program, Miles & More, may have access to complimentary or discounted seat selection, especially at higher membership tiers.

3. Special Assistance: Passengers requiring special assistance, such as those with reduced mobility or those traveling with infants, should inform the airline in advance. Swiss Airlines will make necessary accommodations to ensure comfort and safety, often providing appropriate seating arrangements at no extra cost.

4. Changes and Refunds: If a passenger changes their flight after selecting a seat, they may need to select a new seat on the new flight. Fees paid for seat selection may not be refundable, so it’s important to review the specific terms and conditions at the time of booking.


Swiss Airlines seat selection policy is designed to offer flexibility and comfort to its passengers. By understanding the options available, the booking process, and any associated fees, passengers can enhance their travel experience. Whether opting for extra legroom, a preferred seat, or the luxury of Business and First Class seating, Swiss Airlines ensures that passengers have the opportunity to tailor their journey to their preferences and needs. Early selection and awareness of frequent flyer benefits can further enhance this experience, making for a smooth and enjoyable flight with Swiss Airlines. For more information or assistance, passengers can contact Swiss Airlines at 844-402-8105.