Swimming Wetsuit Trends You Need To Know

Author : Tri shack | Published On : 04 Jan 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to look like Ryan Lochte after completing a marathon swim, then this post is for you. Swimsuit trends always seem to be changing, and now it’s time for wetsuit fashion. The market is getting flooded with new designs that come in different colors and shapes. Figuring out which style suits your needs can be tricky, so we put together the following overview of the latest trends so you can identify which ones are worth splashing on!

This post features up-to-date insights about the most popular swimming wetsuit brands, styles, brands & sizes available. It also comes with personal reviews from experts who have tried these products firsthand.

The Best Brands of swimming wetsuits

Many brands are competing for your attention in the swimming wetsuit market, but the following list will help you make a more informed decision:

1. Speedo: (Best For: Competitive swimmers and triathletes) Speedo is the most preferred brand by professionals and competitive swimmers. The brand comes with years of experience and that’s why many swimmers swear by it. While Speedo swimming wetsuits may be a little on the expensive side, there is no reason to worry as they come with an amazing warranty and service to boost your confidence.

2. Orca: (Best For: Fitness, recreational, competitive swimmers) Orca is a successful swimsuit brand that was founded in 1993. Orca wetsuits are well known for their innovative designs and comfortability ratings. This brand is also great for beginners as the wetsuits are made with less material to give you a simple feel.

3. Funkita: (Best For: Athletes who want performance) Funkita is the perfect choice for athletes who want performance to last longer during their workouts without compromising on comfort or ventilation. Funkita also makes a great choice for those who care about gender-neutrality as their swimming wetsuits come in a variety of brilliant colors.

4. Zoggs: (Best For: Casual swimmers, family members) If you’re looking to spend your money where you know you’ll get the best quality, Zoggs is the brand for you. This brand offers a wide range of affordable swimming wetsuits and swimsuits that are both durable and comfortable enough to use during different water activities.

5. DMC Swim: (Best For: Swimmers who want speed) DMC Swim is made by professionals and admired by many professional swimmers because it comes with improved performance compared to Speedo wetsuits. This brand is highly durable and designed with exceptional performance in mind.

6. Vorgee: (Best For: Recreational swimmers, everyday swimmers) Vorgee was founded long back to make wetsuits for athletes looking to achieve their goals. Since then, this company has grown to be one of the most popular brands of swimming wetsuits available today. With Vorgee wetsuits, you can expect a superior fit and a guarantee that any size will fit you perfectly.

7. Phelps: (Best For: Highly active swimmers) Phelps swimsuits are known for being extremely comfortable and easy to use since they don’t have a lot of material within the suit itself. The only downside of buying Phelps wetsuits is they’re very expensive, but they make up for this by offering a one-year warranty and amazing customer service.

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