Surefire Warden

Author : precision outdoors | Published On : 03 May 2021

SureFire plans and fabricates a decent kind of gun adornments, from weapon lights to silencers. The main producer of rough, incredible lights, SureFire is inseparable from greatness in handheld enlightenment.

The Surefire Warden Blast Diffuser coordinates a concussive impact forward of the weapon without venting gas aside. This lessens the overpressure felt quickly to one side or potentially right of the terminating position. When terminated from the inclined position, the gadget mitigates dust signature.

The Warden joins any SureFire SOCOM 5.56 or 7.62 gag gadget through the SureFire Fast-Attach framework. In contrast to a silencer, this item doesn't weaken sound and isn't an NFA gadget.+

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