Sundarban Tourism

Author : Sundarban Village Tourism | Published On : 24 Nov 2021



Sundarban is at a distance of less than 100km from Kolkata. Here the mangrove forest covers an area of 10,000 km square (together with Bangladesh). Some 4,000 km area belongs to India. 4 protected areas in Sundarban are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The sites are Sundarban National park, Sundarban east, west, and south wildlife sanctuaries. 

The Essence

Sundarban village tourism offers night and day stay at guest houses, homestays, houseboats, or tour boats. A weekend tour or a single-day trip will drive you to the world of adventure. The world's largest delta made of 3 rivers Ganges, Meghna, and Brahmaputra, in the lap of the Bay of Bengal, comprises closed and open mangrove forests. You get to see many Sundari trees here. The place is named after it. 

 Some part of the land is used for agricultural purposes. The dense forests of Sunderbans are famous for Royal Bengal tigers. In comparison, the water rides are thrilling because of crocodiles residing in them. This place is a habitat for various animals, mammals, fishes, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. You get to meet tribal people here. They collect wax, honey, cut wood, catch fish and crabs and sell them for their living. You can experience folk tales, tribal songs, and dance forms if you befriend the tribal people. They are good at heart. Buying some wax or honey to support their living would be a good idea. 

Exotic Flora and Fauna

Even if you have visited other forests earlier, mangrove forests have something unique to offer. 

Sundarban package tour offers a whole water ride. Narrow creeks provide a better chance of rare animal sightings. If you're lucky, you will get to see wild boars, spotted deer, Gangetic dolphins, porcupines, viper snakes, and so on. Saltwater crocodiles, crabs, are common water animals in Sundarban. Some uncommon species of birds are seen here in specific seasons. Witnessing a terrific view of the royal Bengal tiger compliments the whole trip. 


Sundarban tourism department has organized some watchtowers for their tourists. If you visit the tiger reserve, you get to catch the movement of big cats from watchtowers. Sajnekhali and Sudhanyakhali are 2 major attractions of Sundarban jungle safari. Sajnekhali has a bird sanctuary too. Don't miss visiting Pakhiralay- the tiny village dedicated to eco-tourism. It is a great place if you plan for a night's stay. 


Crabs and fishes are very popular here. Homemade Bengali food is available here at a reasonable cost. Coconut water compliments any dish. 

Final Thought

Local people worship 'Bono bibi,' the jungle goddess. They maintain some unique customs and rituals. The life of the villagers is not easy. They get to fight every day for a living. Due to the presence of ferocious animals here and there, there is always a risk. But when it comes to welcoming the tourists, Sundarban people never fail to treat them with the best. Plan your Sundarban package tour with Sundarban village tourism and enjoy every bit of the adventure.