Students Career Options After MBBS Abroad

Author : Malik Advisors | Published On : 22 Aug 2021

However, students must pass a screening exam before practicing medicine in the Pakistan subcontinent for this to happen. Recently, the government's position is changing, and the government's new work is that doctors should be allowed to practice medicine without any examination. There are many career options for students to follow after completing MBBS abroad. A few of them are. -

Clinical practice

After completing a degree abroad, a person can start their clinic at any time. With a bit of investment, one can begin their clinic, but it usually takes a little time to start running well and earning profits for the doctor. Most graduates are looking for jobs that will pay from the start. Clinical practices can be in the government sector or the private sector. For the government sector, physicians work on a contract basis or a full-time basis as required. Candidates must go through an admissions process and be selected, which is relatively more difficult than finding a job in a private hospital. In the private sector, physicians are appointed to corporate hospitals. Hospitals pay well, as do the physicians who work there, but physicians are mostly overburdened with work.

Pursuing a specialty

After MBBS abroad, they can further their studies by obtaining a postgraduate degree at a good institution. Seats are usually very scarce, so getting options can be challenging, or sometimes they may not get the subject of their choice. In such cases, students either leave their seats or get along with their issues; most students succumb and accept their fate. As mentioned before, being selected for a postgraduate program is a difficult job, which is why they need to take a year or two off to prepare for the entrance exams. For the post-graduation program, there are several options; students can choose a two-year postgraduate diploma program, or they can opt for an MD/MS degree, whichever they think is more suitable for their career.

Research work

In terms of research work, we refer to Ph.D. programs, and there are more than 45 Ph.D. programs in Pakistan that MCI recognizes. The duration of a Ph.D. program is three years. For some students, 5-6 years of MBBS degree study is not enough; they enjoy learning and want to put that interest into practice. In a country like India, we need more and more people to come forward and pursue Ph.D. programs because there is a shortage of people with such degrees in the subcontinent. The purpose of a Ph.D. program is to invent and learn in medicine so that new inventions can be used for the medical advancement of the country.

Hospital Management

After completing an MBBS abroad, students can opt for a Master of Hospital Administration (MHA). This industry is picking up fast as the corporate sector is building hospitals and investing in the business. However, we still do not have enough people who understand the medical and management skills to make it part of the business. The industry is increasing because there is an unmet need for hospital managers. And let's not forget the lucrative income this job brings to those employed in this field.

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

If a person has completed their MBBS abroad, it will be straightforward to remain overseas. Countries like the USA offer more in terms of educational facilities than India.USMLE is a programmed exam for those students who want to study in the USA after completing MBBS abroad. However, it is an expensive program, so you may want to clarify your financial situation before considering this option.


The above mentioned are just a few career options for those who want to build a career in the medical profession after completing an MBBS abroad, but this is certainly not the whole story. Graduates have a plethora of opportunities to choose from.