Steps to Turn Your Car to Your Preferred Direction Safely 

Author : Sam Wollongong | Published On : 17 May 2021

You might have already started driving and have learned a thing or two about turning your car from your instructor. But today we will be specifically focusing on how you can do so. Thus, if you are from Bankstown or Richmond and plan to learn to drive soon, this discussion will give you some insights into how you can turn your car safely.

  • Slow Down Before You Turn Your Car

If you want to turn your car to the left or the right, the first step is always to slow down as it helps in controlling your car better. Additionally, if there is a signal right at the lane you will need to reduce the speed of your car anyway before you can make the turn.

So, the instructors from the quality driving schools in Bankstown recommend slowing down and they teach this to their students. Also before making the turn, make sure there are no pedestrians before you.

  • Turning the Indicators on Is a Must

Forgetting to turn on the right indicators is not an option as this will alert others that you are going to take a turn in a specific direction. But, if you do not turn them on or forget to turn them on, other drivers or pedestrians will not take precautionary measures and you might run in an accident.

Therefore, never make this mistake. Stay attentive and turn the indicators on to make the turns safely.

  • Scan the Road First Before Making the Turn

It will not be only pedestrians at all times. There can be debris and other materials on the road too that you need to be careful of. So, before making a turn, always scan the road first. Also, as we have already mentioned above, keep it slow when turning so that you can quickly pull the brakes if you find an obstruction near you or if there is a car or pedestrians.

  • Do Not Cross Your Hands While Making Turns

Your instructor might have already taught you not to cross your hands while turning your car. Moreover, if you are appearing for the driving test, the examiner will also see whether you are crossing your hands to make the turns. 

So, try to avoid it and go for the hold and turn method. But if you have not mastered this technique yet and your driving test date is just around the corner, you should rent a car for the driving test and practice this before heading to the testing center.

  • Make Sure You Are Driving at the Lowest Gear

Before making a turn you should make sure that you are driving at the lowest gear because that way you gain more control of your car while making the turn. However, if you are driving very slowly, you might have to steer your car left and right to keep it on the right track.

  • Check Your Mirrors

While making the turn you should check the mirrors as directed by the instructors from the driving schools in Richmond because many drivers try to overtake cars just when they are making turns and this can turn to be dangerous. 

But taking the help of the mirror, if you notice that another car is trying to overtake, you can quickly maneuver your car to a safe spot.

The author is the owner of a driving school in Bankstown and Richmond and releases new videos related to car driving on several online platforms.