Step By Step Instructions to Grow Oyster Mushroom

Author : Delun Kang | Published On : 14 Sep 2021

Oyster mushroom spawn can ensure the rapid growth of the fungi, especially when it has exposed to adequate humidity and fresh air. 

Do you want to become involved in fungi culture? You are thinking of starting your journey with the oyster ones. One needs to applaud for taking that decision. This is, after all, one of the easiest types of fungi that can be grown. 


Going through the steps

Oyster mushroom Log has an outer covering of cheese wax, and they are inoculated with spores. If proper conditions of growth are provided, then these fungi have an aggressive growth. Apart from this advantage, they also have a host of health benefits. They are known all across the globe for their ability to lower cholesterol levels and are a rich source of potassium and protein. Find out the Oyster mushroom price by checking the website of reputed suppliers.

Gain insight into inoculation

The spawn is blended with the substrate. You will come across a wide range of options as substrate materials such as sawdust and straw. The medium is then put into bags that have tiny holes in them. The objective is to facilitate air exchange.  Oyster mushroom spawn should be used as soon as they arrive.


About incubation

In a warm environment, the bags are placed in a dark setup. This is the stage where incubation occurs, and the first phase of growth starts. You will notice the growth of mycelium at this stage which appears in the form of root-like structures. The entire colonization process on the substrate takes a span of approximately ten to fourteen days. 

All about fruiting

When the growing medium becomes fully colonized, the next phase is fruiting. Autumn-like conditions in the form of a fresh supply of oxygen, low lighting, and humidity are provided to those bags. They are at times exposed to cooler temperatures. This is an indicator to the mycelium that now is the appropriate time to begin fungi production. At this juncture, you will see the emergence of pins from holes. The mycelium meets their nutritional requirements. You will see that the pins will take hardly a couple of days to form fully developed fungi.


Time for harvesting

They will become ready for harvesting within a week after their growth. You will get a yield at least three times from the same mycelium as you will hardly require the use of specialized skills and complicated equipment, so they have grown in popularity. Not only are they commercially viable, but people also are trying to grow at home too.


Wise decision

Getting hold of a prominent company to supply superior quality spawn requires a comprehensive study on the online medium. It is a smart approach to make a comparative cost analysis of some of the leading names. Take your decision after weighing the merits and demerits and after consideration of the pricing structure. You should set aside time to glance through the testimonials of past clients. The feedback will help you in the decision-making process.