Stay Safe When Traveling For Hajj Tour During COVID 19 Pandemic

Author : British Hajj & Umrah Services | Published On : 11 May 2021

Going for Hajj Tour during the COVID 19 can be quite problematic. As the whole world is dealing with this crisis and it is being advised that not to travel to any place during this time. However, in some countries the situation of COVID is under control and that is why those countries are allowing the Hajj pilgrimages to go for Hajj tours. But allowing for Hajj tour doesn’t mean that one should travel freely without any restrictions. As the COVID situation might be in control in your city or country, but it is not necessary that it is in control in other countries too. That is why, it is being recommended that follow the rules stated by your countries as well as by the Hajj Community, when travelling for Hajj and Umrah.

No matter which country you are travelling for the Hajj Community has clearly mentioned that all the rules for the Hajj and Umrah tour will remain same whether you are travelling from UK or you are travelling from US or any other country. If you are not aware of the rules and guidelines to travel for Hajj during the COVID situation, we suggest you to go through the rules we are sharing below. Though, you should also remember that these rules may change according to the situation of the COVID in your country or in other countries. Now, let’s get to know about the existing rules, so that you can prepare for Hajj according to that.

Follow The Basic Rules For The Hajj

Be it the rules and restrictions regarding the Ihram or the rules related to not create any trouble when trying to touch Kaaba, all the rules will remain same. So, of you are planning to travel to Hajj, make sure that you follow all the basic rules, so that you can perform the Hajj in the right way. But along with keeping these rules in mind, we suggest that do take care of the other rules as well, which we are going to share below.

Maintain Proper Hygiene When Travelling For Hajj

 Be it your hands, your cloths, your face, or your food and water, ensure that it is all hygienic. We are advising people to maintain the hygiene, so that they do not fall in the trap of any kind of virus or any kind of illness. We want all the pilgrimages to safely complete the Hajj and Umrah tour without any problem. When buying the Umrah Packages UK, you can also ask the travel advisors about how to maintain the hygiene during the tour and what to do and what not to do.

Ensure That You Follow The COVID 19 Guidelines Before Travelling

By COVID 19 guidelines, we meant that make sure that you get your COVID 19 tests done around a week or 3 to 4 days before travelling for Hajj. It will help you know whether you are free from the COVID 19 infection or not. Even though, if you are safe and you are not COVID positive, we suggest that take the mandatory precautions, like carrying hand sanitizers, using clean and protective face masks, wear hand gloves if necessary. With all these precautions and rules, it will be easier for you to go for Hajj tour without any difficulty.