Split System Air Conditioner

Author : Brandon Collins | Published On : 27 Dec 2021

Top Things to Remember Before Getting a Split System Air Conditioner Installed

split system air conditioner in Adelaide


Are you in search of a split system air conditioner? These types of AC units are among the most cost-effective and versatile ways to air-condition a single area or room. You can also avail these in reverse cycle, offering heating in winter and cooling in summer season. Know about the important things you should keep in mind while getting a split system air conditioner in Adelaide installed in your office or home.

Consider the style of air conditioner that you should get

These types of units are available, split into dual sections. There is an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor fan coil unit, which are connected together with the help of electrical cables and refrigerant pipes. There are indoor units available in various styles to match any application, such as floor / ceiling mounted units, floor consoles and wall mounted units.

It is important to read about each of these styles and choose one that matches your requirements as well as the type of area that you have. Based on what kind of space you have, the budget that you can spend and the housing laws and regulations in your area, you have to choose a split air conditioner style that is appropriate for your situation.

Consider the features

Keep in mind that the features will tend to vary according to the brand and model of split system air conditioner that you go for. Outdoor units are quite and compact and can be located a few meters away from the indoor unit - which also makes these very secretive in operation.

The air conditioner operation can be controlled with the help of a wireless remote control and you can get a wide variety of features on the basis of the model and brand of your choice. Naturally, it is important to make a very careful choice.

Know about the services offered along with the AC

Some split air conditioner brands or suppliers offer free installation services. But that is not always the case. Unless you get the installation service free of cost during the time of purchase, you should look for a credible and experienced split AC installer in your area.

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