Some Top Surprising Ideas for a Fun-filled Kids’ Pamper Party

Author : Chris Copper | Published On : 03 May 2021


We all love being pampered and kids are no exception to this. If there is a birthday coming up for them, parents can arrange for a pamper party so that once they grow up, they can go back to those fun-filled moments and rejoice at the thought of how their parents tried to make their special day turn into something extraordinary. Are you thinking of adding fun to your child’s birthday party, start from things like glitter sessions, mini treatments, face painting, chocolate fondue and birthday treats. 

The kids pamper party ideas in Melbourne aren’t just over yet. We are here to discuss the numerous pamper party ideas in the following lines. Have a look: 

Face masks 

So far, these little princesses have watched their mothers getting refreshing face masks for a flawless skin. This time around its going to be these kiddos getting a face mask on the occasion of your kid’s birthday party. It gives them a real spa like experience. You can either create DIY face masks by smashing avocados and honey or get these packs online from a company that holds reputation for selling kid friendly face packs. 

Nail painting 

Oh! How sweet it is to add a pop of colour on nails of little ones. These little ones can’t simply thank you enough for arranging such super fun at your kid’s birthday pamper party in Melbourne. Invest some money on a kid’s nail paint set and simply pamper them on the occasions. 

Face painting 

There are little ways to put a smile on a child’s face. Talking about kid’s pamper parties, here is a colourful idea they simply can’t be more thankful to you for. Face painting is perhaps one of the most colourful ideas to add some fun and hue to the party environment. Is there a theme for the party? Well! Then you can paint those cute little faces based on the theme of the event. 

Mini foot spa 

You thought only adults can have foot spa? How about introducing a mini foot spa arrangement at your child’s birthday party? Feet pampering is something little one’s love to experience besides, other creative pampering ideas. Arrange for a few bowls and add in some warm water into it. Also, add bath salts and mild soap. Ask them to dip in their feet and relax. 

Mini makeover 

If your kid is a little older, you might as well try this for her pamper party. Yes! Get a mini makeover arrangement at your home. They love experimenting with colourful eyeshadows and glitter. 

Hair braiding 

Although makeup and nail painting are great for kids party entertainment in Melbourne, you simply can’t overrule how hair braiding can make them happier. Hair braiding is indeed super fun. Especially you can allow these little girls to have French Plaits. Provide glitters and quirky hair bands if possible. 

Jewellery making 

If you want to add in some more fun, allow these little ones to show their creative bent of mind by arranging for a jewellery making game. Give them the materials and ask them to create beautiful jewelleries. 

Now, this is how kid’s pamper parties are supposed to look and feel like. Make sure you choose from these colourful ideas to add fun and hue to the event.