Some Things to Remember When Dabbling in Interior and Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Author : home improvement233 | Published On : 04 May 2021

Depending on how you look at it, and how much time you would like to invest in doing it, painting the inside and outside of your house could either be a significant job, or merely a breeze. All that's required is for you to know some basic things about paint and how it impacts the surfaces which are normally painted . This would ordinarily apply to many types of paint used for all these functions, whether they're interior and exterior painting color combinations.

Paint Finishes

These finishes generally have certain types of surfaces which they are best applied to, so as to optimize their effectivity.

Glossy and semi-glossy finish - Like the name implies, this type of pain finish reflects light quite better than any other paint complete when it dries. This type of finish is a popular selection for areas and rooms that see the many wear-and-tear, such kitchens and bathrooms, and can also be used on surfaces known to have a beating, such as flooring, handrails, cabinets and other furniture, as well as on doors and dents. Gloos and semi-gloss paint finishes are relatively simple to wash and may prove to be more resistant to ordinary stains.

Satin finish - This type of pain end is also known as the eggshell finish, for obvious reasons. The end effect gives a soft luster, comparable to what you see on the surface of a fresh egg. This type of finish is quite durable, and is perfect for use in high traffic areas in the home, like stairways, children's rooms and the living room.

Flat and Matte finish - This type of paint finish is a favorite for its ability to conceal little surface imperfections, due to its ability to absorb light, rather than mirror it, such as other kinds of paint finish. This sort of paint finish is suggested for areas that receive little traffic, as it doesn't wash as well as the other types of pain endings.

Now you know the many different types of paint end, you're much better equipped to make an educated choice regarding what type of paint complete you will use in your residence. Parts of the home that see little to less traffic and action will best be implemented with a flat paint finish, this also holds true when you are attempting to cover some imperfection or small flaw in the surface of a room. Be warned however, that a level paint finish is somewhat harder to clean than other pain endings.

Areas of the home that see moderate to high traffic and activity would best be painted with a semi-gloss paint complete. Semi-gloss is stronger than a flat paint finish and can be washed somewhat easier, giving a surface which is not too dull and not overly shiny.

Finally, regions of the home that is often frequented the most by individuals would best be applied with a high gloss paint finish, and you'll be glad with yourself if you do really comply with this piece of advice. This makes it a fantastic choice for both interior paint color combinations and exterior paint color combinations.

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