Some strange things your older dog might do

Author : Mikael Chris | Published On : 26 May 2021

When it comes to your beloved pet, getting older may be ruff. The lives of our pets are shorter and thus, they get older soon. You might feel that they have an accelerated aging process. You might bring a good pet at home and within a few years you will realize that your pet is already showing the signs of aging. You cannot stop the process, but what you can do is to stick to your loved one, be there for him, and pat him saying that you are always there for him.

The unfortunate thing is that a dog’s metal abilities begin to decline as they age. This is also referred to as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome or CDS. Further, the rate of prevalent of CDS in senior dogs is extremely high and this is the reason we see our older dogs acting strange or doing things that really do not make sense. Some of the common and strange behaviours you may need to do with your senior pup are as follows:

No matter if you have shedding or non-shedding dogs, aging is common for them all.

  1. Staring

Your older dog will still be active, but it will stand and stare at nothing in particular. You might find your dog tranced and in that he might not immediately respond to his name being called. If we get rid of things right in front of him, he might not even respond or not even react in certain cases.


  1. Circling

Your older dog might pace or circle a room for no reason. Normally, you dog will walk at a general pace, but when he starts aging, you will observe that he is pacing faster and circling around every time.


  1. Weird Sleeping Habits

You will always know the sleeping habits of your dog and when you see that sleeping habits being distorted or you see that you dog are either sleeping too much or too little, you should get alarmed of his aging. This might struck him hard and you should be there to help you.


  1. Lost or Struck

Being lost all the time can also be a reason of aging and you should stay careful when you see that.

These symptoms will tell you that you need to manage your dog very well. You can start with re-evaluating the current diet to enhance their quality of life. It is important to give them the best nutrition possible to minimize the effects of aging. If you feel that your dog is aging, talk to your vet.

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