Some activities in SWTOR games in October 2021

Author : YYY JJJ | Published On : 11 Oct 2021

October will be an important month for SWTOR in-game activities, including 3 weeks of double experience points and the return of Feast of Prosperity. This is very exciting, because players can get a lot of generous rewards through these activities. If players have specific items they want to get, it is necessary to prepare enough SWTOR Credits.

Dantooine Pirate Incursion. Players can participate in the event from October 5th to 12th. It requires players to be level 20+. Dantooine is very gorgeous in this game, although the actual events are pretty standard. These are just some single-player missions and some heroic deeds. Compared with the Rakghoul and Gree events, the only thing missing is the nest boss like Eyeless or Xenoanalyst II. Players may want Yarvok to fight, driving a giant mech like Karagga. Players can Buy SWTOR Credits to get it.

Players just want the decorations to be more accessible. Now, they spend too much on Dantooine surveyor's notes, and players need to buy a lot of notes to be able to create a suitable farm for their fortress without having to buy all other rewards. Many players hope that they can only use SWTOR Credits, or at least they can be sold on GTN.

Feast of Prosperity. Players can participate in it from October 12th to November 2nd. And it requires players to be level 20+. It's been a year since this event was released, and some neat decorations can add interest to players' kitchens and dining rooms. There will be some new rewards for this activity, and some improvements may be made to the task. Players can also buy SWTOR Credits to get the items they want. For players who have participated in the event before, they will be able to immediately enter the daily missions and mini-games. For players who experience this event for the first time, a story mission will be unlocked every week to advance the conflict between Gaboorga and Duuba.