Solutions provided by Credit Card Service providers

Author : Kavin Queen | Published On : 03 May 2021

Business needs credit card processing services and agents to facilitate their payments. There are a number of popular providers of credit card processing services and comprehensive merchant payment in the market. From taking care of your credit card portfolio and merchant portfolio to credit card portfolio analysis to credit card portfolio sale, these providers take care of everything. Here are some solutions provided by credit card service providers. 

Level 3 card automation 
Level 3 cards usually are Visa or MasterCard with a specific level of transaction information. Businesses use this type of card to keep track of their spending. Level 3 transactions can be lower than the standard transactions. But, to access these transactions, a merchant has to enter additional details. Credit card processing residual income services can offer level 3 card automation. 

To gain access to beneficial Level 3 rates, a merchant needs to provide a fair amount of information on each transaction. Mainly the building material industry uses level 3 cards. Purchasing Cards, Corporate Cards, and Business Cards are the types of level 3 cards. If not used, the transaction rates can go 2.5-3.5% high. 

Web solutions
Mostly, E-commerce stores  use Web solutions. It helps with secure payment and smooth transactions. May it be the Virtual Terminals, Hosted Payment Pages, Integrated Solutions, to Gateways, Web solutions provided by credit card services are highly functional and efficient. 

Due to its latest tokenization and encryption technology, it is one of the safest ways for E-commerce to make online transactions. It also provides features like recurring billing and instant sales notifications. There are also tools like fraud management tools, batch uploading, returns and voids, import and export capability, recurring billing, transaction reporting and Level 3 Processing.

Terminal solutions
This type of solution is the most innovative. It is referred to the countertop swipe devices to the smart payment services. Terminal solutions are one of the most convenient forms of payment options.  They are also secure. It includes online cash drawers, multiple touch screens and handheld mobility. All Smart Terminals and countertop services offer the latest security features, including EMV, Encryption, and Tokenization. So, you don't need to be worried about security.

Mobile payment solutions 
Nowadays, everyone has a Smartphone. Mobiles are handy and they are with us. It can be a great way to make payments and conduct business. Credit card services also provide payment on the go options. The best thing about using mobile phones for payment is, you can do business from anywhere. You can have much broader contact and hire resources in the remote. 

Credit Card services also have additional benefits like software integrations, loyalty programs, and gift cards. QuickBooks integrations are great for your payment processing. This is because; they sync your transaction logs and payment information to your record-keeping systems. There are a variety of loyalty programs provided by credit card services. You can also contact them to know about the gift cards that they offer.