Smart Tips to Choose a Career as a Beginner

Author : Shaw Academy Careers | Published On : 10 Mar 2021

Most people end up choosing the wrong career path because of a lack of the right guidance, their interests in multiple areas and improper planning.  Those interested in multiple fields find themselves in a daunting situation of choosing the right career path, unlike those who have a focused passion of what job they want.  Follow professional career advice and tips in choosing the right career.

List your hobbies and jobs

It’s always better to be organized.  Take time to write down all your hobbies and interests to figure out which of these make more sense as hobbies, and which may lead to potential jobs or careers.  You may enjoy a hobby but it may not be a career opportunity or you are not skilled enough to sell your work.  Is there a market to do so? 

Determine your skills and work style

What do you do best?  What makes you the happiest?  Work satisfaction is a prominent factor in choosing the right career path.  Make a list of your skills and the work style you prefer.  For instance:

  • Do you prefer working in a team or independently?
  • Do you like hands-on labor or favor doing research?
  • Do you prefer writing or enjoy presenting?

Going deep into these types of questions can help you determine your work style and preferences.

Take a career aptitude test

To help determine what motivates you and what you are good at, consider doing an online personality assessment or use career exploration apps.  The career aptitude tests will reveal more about you and help you narrow down your options.

Explore various industries

Your education may help steer you to the right job but don’t let it limit you.  Don’t stick to a single industry for a particular job.  Many skills are transferable from one industry to another.  Explore various industries to figure out which skills  and work style are most important in each of them.

Follow informational resources

Many industries and educational institutes offer an exclusive range of career development resources to help aspirants choose the right career.  These resources are enriched with information on career guidance, planning and skill enhancement.  Take the time to consider your options and follow the right resources that take you to the next level.

To wrap up

As long as you focus on looking at all the options, you will find a career that satisfies your desire for work.  Seek professional career advice from experts and create a proper strategy for success.