Smart Cities, Smart Parking: Exploring Automatic Parking Systems

Author : Klaus Multiparking | Published On : 02 Apr 2024

In Indian cities, there’s a growing trend of individuals wanting to purchase cars, contributing to the nation’s status as the third-largest automobile market worldwide. However, this relentless surge in car ownership has led to a pressing issue: a severe shortage of parking space across many densely populated urban areas. Compounded by a lack of parking discipline prevalent in various parts of the country, these challenges escalate, inviting further problems such as traffic congestion due to the haphazard parking of vehicles.

As India aspires to have more and more smart cities, it will need to address the parking challenges swiftly. Automatic Parking System offer a compelling solution to the parking woes by ensuring space efficiency and orderly parking.

Klaus Multiparking offers a comprehensive range of automatic parking systems

At Klaus Multiparking, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to offering parking solutions. Depending on the available space and parking requirements, we provide a host of options to tailor your parking requirements. Broadly, Klaus Multiparking has three types of parking systems – Stack Parking System, Puzzle Parking System, and Fully Automatic Parking System.

Stack Parking System

Klaus Multiparking’s Stack Parking Systems are the best solution to fit more cars in limited space. In fact, they are designed with an aim to double or even triple the parking space for above-ground or basement car parking. We offer a variety of stack parking systems to best fit your parking needs.

Puzzle Parking System

Our Puzzle Parking Systems or Semi-automatic Parking Systems offer maximum flexibility and comfort. They can be combined and even expanded later to double the number of available parking spaces. The parking spaces can be shifted both horizontally and vertically. Thus, our Puzzle Parking Systems are an ideal solution for tight spaces because the available parking space can now be utilized optimally. In addition to effective space utilization, this parking system brings other advantages like quick parking and retrieval, and low-noise operation. Like with the Stack system, we offer a multitude of options to best suit your parking requirement.

Fully Automatic Parking System

If you want to truly elevate the parking experience, you should try Klaus Multiparking’s Fully Automatic Parking System. Offering top-notch convenience, reliability, and security, these parking systems can stack cars in amazingly small spaces and use cutting-edge technology to retrieve cars at just the press of a button. Also, our Fully Automatic Parking System can be installed above ground, below ground, or in a combination of both.

The Klaus Multiparking Advantage

With Klaus Multiparking, you are not getting the very best in parking solutions but a complete peace of mind with our annual maintenance contracts and our Workshop On Wheels (WOW), which offers round the clock support. Moreover, our parking solutions are ready for the next generation of vehicles, thanks to our EV charging points that lets you charge your electric vehicle while it is parked.