Should you Repair the Glass or Replace the Window?

Author : Ryan Nathan | Published On : 26 Sep 2021

A window is prone to wear and tear, prompting the homeowner to obtain replacement windows. Every day wear can cause damage as extensive as broken glass due to accidental impact or weather elements. About your situation, you may have some confusion about the repair you need. Read more to know about the right option.

Benefits of Replacing the Glass in a Window

1 – It is an affordable method

It is less expensive to replace the glass than to replace the entire window because the window frame is not disturbed as it is only a glass replacement. The lower cost associated with this kind of fixing is a good option when the frame is new and intact.

2 – It helps with fast Installation

Simple glass installation is fast when you have no other specifications. It takes about two weeks to manufacture a custom replacement window. Manufacturing times often extend to two weeks when custom colors are added. Unique specifications can increase the time.

3 - Maintains the current look

If you like your windows' current color and style, replacing only the glass helps maintain the existing design. It is often especially important in very old homes or in stereotyped surroundings where they may not prefer a change.

Advantages of replacing the whole window

1 - Long term solution

Replacement windows provide a long-term solution to condensation between the glasses. Condensation occurs when the seal around the glass fails due to expansion and contraction in the window frame. Replacing reduces expansion and contraction and also eliminates condensation.

2 – Replacement windows are energy efficient

The glass in your window stops air and allows light to enter your rooms but is not excellent insulation. The safe non-visible gas between the glass panes and the glass coatings provides the energy solution. Modern windows provide better energy efficiency.

3 - Replacement window is a better update

Replacement windows are good if you want to update the look of your home. Some people upgrade their existing windows because the windows are no longer operable or energy efficient. Some replace because they want to change the look of their home. Consider new replacements when you want excellent features and maintenance-free fixtures.

Bottom Line

So if you decide to go with a complete window replacement, learn more about the replacement process and options. You can contact a local service.

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