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Author : Jennifer Jones | Published On : 01 Jan 2022


Toys are for kids. Children range between the ages of 0 to 15 loves to play with different kinds of toys. Even they grow with the toys. Except the parents, toys are the second which offspring like to spend most of their time. Moreover, when they make new friends in their relatives and neighborhood, toys play a crucial part.

Both little girls and boys are affectionate about the toys. Their color choices and toy kind are different due to their distinct genders. Boys like almost blue, black and green color trucks, tractor, airplane, drone etc. like technical toys, while baby girls are interested to have pink, yellow, red toys such as Barbie dolls, makeup set, jewelry set and other accessories.

Following are some categories of toys for kids which will help to find right kind for your little one:

  1. Technical toys
  2. Scientific toys
  3. Creative toys
  4. Water toys
  5. Puzzle toys
  6. Doll toys
  7. Building sets
  8. Electronic toys
  9. Educational toys
  10. Outdoor toys

You can choose according to your little one’s interest and hobby.

Toys play an immense role in the physical and mental development of children. For physical growth, you should choose the toys which ask your child to jump, run, dance and other physical activities. However, for growth of the mental tissues, you should buy puzzle games, block set, building set, educational and learning toys.

At Toys Ferry, you could buy toys online at affordable prices. They toys are manufactured such as way that they will not harm your kid’s health if swollen. Therefore, always choose the company which provides non-toxic toys for kids. At their online store, you can buy indoor as well as outdoor toys if you are observing that your brood has an adventuring quality. How to face the hurdles and solve them can learn through some adventurous outdoor toys.

Apart from these, water toys would be the excellent choice while you are planning to spend your most of the time with water. Spongy ducks, turtles and water guns are most lovable toys with which kids like to play while bathing in bath tub.

Besides these, if you want to make your kid super intelligent from his crawling age, then buy educational toys for kids. These include mathematics digits, alphabets, drawing books, sticker puzzle game and so on which are helpful to increase the intellectual level in early age.

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