Sell courses online with Paradiso Solutions

Author : Pradnya Maske | Published On : 30 Apr 2021

Best Platform to Sell Courses Online 

Selling courses online will lead to gaining new heights in your business and also improve sales and revenues. But, before we start creating and selling courses online, let's consider why we should care. One of the importanintentions is to generate revenue with selling courses online. Once you generate and sell online courses, you can reuse and sell courses online for years with no extra shipping costs.  

 Join hands with Paradiso to create and sell courses online 

When you plan to create and sell courses online you have to consider market research, requirement for the topic and calculate how many audiences are you going to cater and look for email listing strategy with all the content to be created in handy. Courses you create to sell online are usually prerecorded and these online courses can be in the form of pdfs, assignments, micro content videos or any other form of course catalog that can help students develop their learning skills and improve their performanceWith Paradiso eLearning, you can break all the geographical barriers and get a chance to sell courses online and garner great audience.  

 How to create and sell your courses online? 

 Step 1: Create your Course 

While creating a course, you need to have knowledge about the concerned subject or be in a constant touch with the subject matter expert. Creating course can be tedious as the tonality differs from platform to platform. To sell courses online, Paradiso elearning solution believes in brainstorming and bringing up refined content that is created as per the learner’s requirement. 

For example: If a course related to photo editing needs to be created, we believe in dividing the broad topic in smaller modules. 

  1. How to photo edit (very broad) 

  1. How to photo edit on computer (still broad) 

  1. How to photo edit in background (specific) 

  1. How to photo edit in lightroom (more specific) 

 Step 2: Build an audience while you create courses online to sell 

Begin with preparing an email list that can be helpful for you to build a set of audience that can help you build online presence. In the determination of building an audience, never forget to garner the right audience. If not, there will be an increase in the bounce rate resulting in negative impact on building your presence. But, how do you build your presence? You can easily do that by opting to share some kind of content for FREE!  

 Step3: Validate your course topic 

In the midst of all this, I.e.create and sell courses online, never forget about validation. This helps to ensure that the course you have created is in demand. This is done by checking search volumes of the respective keywords in the course and the demand for the concerned topic in the market.  

 Step 4: Plan and Design your Course Online 

Before diving deep into creating courses online, plan and design an outline of the course. This aids you to focus on the primary requirements of the course and helps you deliver engaging content as per the learners requirement.  

 Decide your Course Form: PDF, Videos, Live Videos? 

While creating online courses to sell, once a proper planning and designing is done, form of presenting the course should be considered. The online courses can be created in different forms which involves pdf, blogs, podcasts, live videos or short video content, ppt and much more.  

 Drive and retain traffic to sell courses online 

Different course modules, proper designing and planning is not enough for ruling the market. Engaging and retaining your audience also plays an important role in creating and selling courses online. Try to promote your course on social media platforms. Select the platform that you think is the best for your niche.  

 Step 5: Promote your course online 

Select your platform where you can promote your online courses. There are ample of platforms available in market but opt for the one that is SCORM and Tin Can API compliant, which helps you run your courses in every employee training platform.  One such example is Paradiso solutions, this award- winning company helps you create and sell courses online and offer amazing services that can help you build your online course.