SEG Fabric Displays - Creation of Smooth & Seamless Fabric Graphics

Author : James Butterfield | Published On : 05 Sep 2021

Banner stands are the most efficient and effective of showcasing your business at any event and in trade shows. These banner stands are very convenient, durable, cost-effective, and they also stand out very well. In this article, you are going to know about the SEG displays and their importance elaborately. 
What are SEG Frames?
SEG stands for silicone-edged graphics; they are high-resolution graphics that are made by printing via the dye sublimation, using the latex or solvent or UV rays on a fabric. After the printing work on the fabric, a thin silicone strip is sewn directly across the edge of the graphics. This graphics is constructed in such a way that it gets easily fitted over the SEG Tension Fabric Frame. It leads to the creation of smooth and seamless fabric graphics. 
As a result, you get the best graphic display solution, which helps grab the viewers' attention. 
The popularity of SEG Fabric Displays
They are hugely popular, and their popularity is growing day by day. These SEG Fabric Displays can be displayed on the wall or the Fabric Banner Stands. This fabric frame easily holds the graphics tightly and very smoothly and provides a striking look. 
These fabric frames are the most popular signage, and they are found to be installed on trade shows, airports, shopping malls, restaurants. 
In this fabric frame, dye-sublimation technology is used for printing which usually prints lively and rich images. In this fabric, frame displays good quality fabric prints are used which makes the visual displays more enviable. 
Benefits of Stretch Fabric Banner Stands
1. They are Very Cost-effective- Many people believe that these Stretch Fabric Banner Stands are very expensive, but they are very inexpensive exhibits out there. This type of banner stands is less pricey than the other ones. Pricing can only increase when you go for lightning systems or merchandising capabilities. 
2. They are highly portable- the installation of the heavy massive trade show display is the most hectic and time-consuming task. But you will love this type of banner stands due to its portable nature. Since most of the SEG Fabric Displays are portable, they can be easily packed in travel bags and can be carried out to a distant destination. These portable banner stands make the task easier, and you can now focus on other marketing tools, display elements, and other materials. 
3. They are easy to put up- they are very easy to install. Without requiring any specific tools or skills, these banner stands can be put up easily by a single person. With this banner stands no need to worry about the installation and dismantling charges. It means you can save more money that you can use on another lucrative task to boost your business. 
4. They are Customizable- it’s an additional feature of Stretch Fabric Banner Stands. You can have your own choice in making this type of banner stand. If you wish, you can have your curve or linear design. It would help if you chose between single-sided or double-sided graphics. You can exhibit these displays over distinct graphics panels as an overlay.