Scegliere il migliore hosting Prestashop

Author : raffaele blasio | Published On : 22 Jan 2022

Want to know What is the best PrestaShop Hosting? Well take 3 minutes and read this short article that will explain what you want to know about prestashop. Nowadays there are several reliable and efficient providers, also and above all Italian ones, who offer PrestaShop hosting plans, with the CMS already pre-installed.

Therefore, our advice is to carefully evaluate your goals and then turn to the subscription plan that best suits your needs. Let's now find out, in our opinion, which is the best prestashop hosting.

Having made this brief premise, in this article we would like to talk to you about what in our opinion seems to be the most balanced choice when approaching the use of such a service.

In fact, among the many Italian providers we personally tested on the best PrestaShop hosting, our choice fell on VHosting's PrestaShop hosting.

In addition to the excellent features, what further convinced us to recommend this service was certainly the "money back guarantee", together with 24-hour assistance and an extremely affordable price.

Before praising the best PrestaShop hosting, however, it is good to mention the fact that the portal that directed us to this choice, given the numerous search filters made available for the comparison of the various offers about the hosting plans of the various provider, was the portal.

Here, in fact, at the time of writing, there are over 122 services offered by the best Italian providers including VHosting, Keliweb, Serverplan, Netsons, SupportHost and Greenora Hosting. For siteground instead click here.

But what is hosting for PrestaShop?

It is basically a hosting plan with pre-installed Prestashop inside.


We are talking about one of the most known and used CMS for the creation of e-commerce.


This is due to the fact that PrestaShop was created exclusively for e-commerce; it is no coincidence that even today it is proposed precisely for the creation of sites suitable for selling online.

Being an open source CMS, it requires a hosting service that can host it in order to give life to the virtual store that will be set up.

VHosting's VHosting Veloce Veloce 02 hosting

The VHosting PrestaShop Veloce 02 hosting plan is certainly the right choice to enter the world of e-commerce.

In fact, we have here available:

Web Space: 6GB NVMe SSD
Email boxes: UNLIMITED
HTTP / 2 and SSL Certificate: INCLUDED
Maria DB 10 database: UNLIMITED
Optimized for PrestaShop
Automatic backup 24h
Subdomains: UNLIMITED
Advanced Features:

Control Panel: Plesk
Supported languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.js
FTP account
MultiPHP support: 5.x - 7.x
Assistance: Support 24/7/365
Uptime: 99.95%
VHosting also offers a range of solutions of this type, which range from the PrestaShop Veloce 01 hosting plan to the PrestaShop Veloce 04 Hosting plan, each of which is suitable for a different audience, with different needs.

In short, we just have to be spoiled for choice!

PrestaShop hosting vs Magento hosting

To close, a small note could not be missing about the differences, similarities and possible uses of PrestaShop and Magento.

Wanting to reduce everything to a few lines, we list the main strengths of both.

we should choose PrestaShop because:
Good performance
Quite simple template management (thanks to the Smarty engine)
Good availability of extensions
Intuitive administration panel but with a not too professional look and feel
Relatively low learning curve
Completely free except some paid extensions (however available at limited costs)
We should choose Magento because:
Good performance, but only if installed on a dedicated and optimized hardware structure
Efficient template management but a little more complicated than Prestashop
Excellent availability of extensions
Very professional and well-finished administration panel, even if not very intuitive due to the large number of functions available
Being based on Zend, the learning curve is quite high if you are unfamiliar with this framework
Free community edition, paid solutions available that offer hosting, support and advanced features
I hope you enjoyed this short article "Best PrestaShop Hosting". For doubts and questions do not hesitate to write a comment.