Safety Precautions That Technicians Follow While Repairing TVs

Author : Chris Copper | Published On : 21 Apr 2021

If your LED TV is malfunctioning, that is, you are facing issues related to display, sound or anything other than these; you will need to call a technician for a repair. However, while repairing, the technicians always take some safety precautions to avoid electrical hazards.

Today, we will be focusing on these safety precautions and if you are in Kolkata or Howrah, make sure you hire repairers who follow these precautions.

  • Insulation is important

To stay safe from a shock, wearing insulation properties is essential, for example, gloves or rubber-soled shoes. Furthermore, today, several tools have come up that also have insulation properties. So, depending on the problems with the TV and the model, the professionals providing LED TV repair in Kolkata will wear the necessary garments.

  • Test the TV first

Before starting the repairs, the professionals will first check the TV and the PCB since they can sometimes cause electrical shock. So, the professionals will use the necessary tools to test all the components inside, and if short-circuit is found, they will first repair them following different techniques and then deal with the issues you are facing.

  • Repair the TV in an isolated space

The professional providing the LED TV repair in Howrah will perform the repairing in an isolated space to protect your and your families from electrical hazards.

But before starting the repairs, the professional will make sure that no one is near the location. They will also make sure that there are no kids or pets around, and after verifying everything, they will start the repairs.

  • Using the repairing tools carefully

The technicians will use the repairing tools carefully and never leave them unattended because they are dangerous and can pose different hazards.

They will keep a close watch on all the tools, and if some of them are driven by electricity, they will turn them off when not in use. Besides, they will keep them out of reach of children and pets.

  • Keep water out of reach

The repairers will keep water away when repairing the LED TV because water itself is a good conductor of electricity, and if there is a short circuit, things can get out of hand. However, if the repairers have to do the job on the client’s location, they will always observe the surrounding water and make sure it’s off the limits.     

  • Not hurrying during the repairing

The professionals providing the repairing or the TV installation service will never try to complete the job in a hurry because rushing through the job can give rise to more mistakes. So, they will take things slowly.

If it is an installation, they will arrange all the materials and complete them step by step. But if it’s a repair, they will take note of all the possibilities of different hazards. 

  • Checking the earthing before starting the repairing

If there is no earthing, the professional can get a shock, so before starting the repairs, they will check the earthing in your home.

Simultaneously, as a client, you should also get earthing done to protect yourself and the technicians from electrical shocks while turning the TV on.