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Author : Farley Dougherty | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

Sitting At A Desk All Day It's hard on your Back

It's more than just sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain. It's also because the majority of office chairs are constructed in a manner to make it feel like you must sit straight and stay focused while working.

The problem is that this posture can be harmful to Ergonomic Office Chair the spine or overall health.

The Ergonomic Task Chair manufactured by DriveLife was designed using the best ergonomics and the most advanced technology to combat these problems. 

We put our task chairs through over 100 hours of testing before we were able to finish it, which means you are getting a wonderful, comfortable seat that supports your body while maintaining your health. 

Our Chair offers Lumbar Support
Which makes a huge difference. It has adjustable arms and built-in headrest cushioning to ensure that no matter what kind of position you're in your working hours the chair will be comfortable and good! 

Ergonomic Office Chairs are the ideal solution for desk-job workers seeking relief from back discomfort.

Office chairs of today don't have the ability to adapt for the curvature of your spine. This can result in pain. At DriveLife we're dedicated to preventing this from occurring. 

A Seat for All Sizes

Things like the height and angle of the backrests' heights as well as armrest height and depth are adjustable until it's just right for you.

Not only does DriveLife Alpha support your spine (and other delicate points) during all working hours However, it also prevents posture disorders that can cause serious health problems in the long term; after all, your health is our top priority. 

Feel relaxed with the Driveline Ergonomic Chair and finish your the work tasks flawlessly.

We offer two distinct types of Chairs, both the DriveLife Alpha and the DriveLife Beta
The DriveLife Alpha

It is here to alter the game. It is designed with top ergonomic features This chair is sure to become your most preferred place in front of your computer or TV. So relax and sit back as you promote a healthy spine.

The DriveLife Alpha is for one who controls their health, when you take control of your health you will rule your life.

The groundbreaking product has been designed for maximum comfort and support to reduce pain associated with long periods of sitting down.

The DriveLife Beta

- Comes with an breathable mesh material, the core material is polished, and is available in 71cm(L) and 66cm(W) x 53 cm (H).

In addition, it has been certified by BIFMA/ANSI X5.1 Type I and III as well as gas lift certificate from the ANSI/BIFMA.

The new friend you have found is equipped with an adjustable lumbar pillow , which will double the benefits of its use - encouraging both good posture and reduced stress levels throughout the day.

Begin to beat your body. Let yourself become more focused, intelligent & inspired.

Patented Structure to Support Your Needs

The armrests are patent-pending with four-dimensional multifunctional button-free armrests that come with an extended warranty of eight years for your comfort."

What was the last time you considered you back or how it is feeling in your daily life?

It's possible that your back pain could be relieved by a new chair, but we're here to tell you otherwise.

The ergonomic chairs we offer are designed to support areas where most people suffer strain or discomfort while sitting for extended periods like their lower back or upper arms. neck.

DriveLife is the solution

Our ergonomic chairs provide high-end and adjustable back support, and also top-quality lumbar and headrest cushions to ensure that your body stays well-balanced during are working or playing.
Don't let another day go by in pain; order one today!

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