Rsgoldfast - The low torso would contain ALL the things

Author : wang rui | Published On : 10 May 2021

A two peice leather collection, the top with rs 2007 gold a armor peice coming out of the shoulders and another peice out of the thighs 100 tokens for the bottom and top together. A two peace set yet again, that one has a sign of guthix on the ches, also includes a spike coming out of the arms, but a peice of armor around the feet.100 tokens for the two parts. A two peice set, a spike comes from the arm and the legs, and has the sign of zamarock on the chest100 tokens for both barts of this set

This is not a"JaGex u loser bring back the wildy!!! 11!!!" topic. It had been motivated by Soviet's ribbon in RS Discussions. Imagine if all the levels of this wilderness were brought back, and gamers could attack eachother again. Obviously, the difficulty was that RWTs would allow themselves to be murdered by their customer, and the customer picks up the falls. With this suggestion, once a player is killed, they fall only one of 3 keys.

Lvls 3-55 shed a minimal level essential, lvls 55-100 shed a medium secret, and 100+ fall a high lvl key. It is an idea such as the cluttered key, only this one would not be tradeable (and also far more valuable, also; killing a player is a lot harder than killing a chaos dwarf).

Once a player is killed, their things are deposited into a corresponding chest, either a low, medium, or high lvl chest. The minimal level key unlocks the very low level chest, etc.. The minimal level chest will maintain low level wildy, medium in moderate wildy, etc..

Here is what defeats RWT: The low torso would contain ALL the things that any low level killed from that planet would have fallen, the medium chest includes all of the moderate leveled player drops, etc.. Should you kill a player and receive a medium secret, and then go to the medium torso, you'll find an entirely random set of things from inside the chest. You may get anything from complete dragon to a couple of cheap RS gold empty vials, whatever the player you killed would have dropped.