RFID Hotel Apartment Smart Safe Card Front Door Lock KXG-H1

Author : Yong Bao | Published On : 26 Nov 2021

RFID Hotel Apartment Smart Safe Card Front Door Lock KXG-H1
Unified administration platform
Open record
Control the gain access to
Limite the unlock time
The alarm for the door not in totally shut
Control the losed card to be void
Fast sensitive for unlock
Physical key for emergency use

Application circumstances
Apartment or condo
Economical real estate
Rental real estate
Dorm room
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Sign light illuminates when any kind of action is made on the lock
The hidden physical crucial opening
Integrated encrypted chip make is much more risk-free and also reliable.
Battery cover
Front and also back faceplates are constructed from SUS304 in 2.0 mm thickness.
Double-lock switch
If do not want the waitress interrupting you, you can secure within.
And also it opens automatically when the door is opened inside.
The deal with in human engineering layout fits to hold.
Frosted baking-varnish surface innovation
PCB is secured inside with the cover.
Dirt avoidance, humidity protection as well as even more sturdy
Updated lock body
Lock bolt
This style can reduce the get in touch with area to anti-friction, as well as see to it the door no shaky be in shut.
Sensing unit screw
If the sensing unit screw is not fully withdrawed, that suggests the door is not closed or otherwise fully shut, then the alarm representing caution.
Dead screw
Usage double-lock switch to act, can prevent the card method to unlock.
Different colors are optional
Rose gold
Brushed silver
Chromed silver

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