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Author : switz neubio | Published On : 29 Jul 2021

“Blindness cuts us from things, but deafness cuts us from people”. Helen Keller

The impacts of hearing loss are enormous at a social and economic level. At a social level, it restricts personal relationships, acts as a hindrance in proper communication, slows educational growth, and limits employment and career opportunities. Hearing loss elevates speech difficulties and harms a person’s mental and physical health. As per the data released by the world health organization (WHO) and Global Burden of Disease studies (GBD), 278 million people have a hearing loss of greater than 45 dB, and 1.57 billion people have a hearing loss of more than 20dB. 80% of these cases are from the Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) or developing countries like India (1). The situation is getting better now, as efforts at the govt level are increasing and at the community, level awareness is rising.

Hearing loss in children and adults:

Statistics provided by WHO indicate hearing loss has affected 34 million children and 432 million adults, as of 2020. By 2050 there will be 900 million-plus people who will have disabling hearing loss (2). The hearing loss can be mild or profound Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), which is a permanent type. Permanent hearing loss can only be treated by cochlear implants.

Children need more attention:

Hearing loss needs more attention in children because it can slow down the ability to learn speech, understanding language, and his/her social skills. An early diagnosis of hearing loss holds the key to an early start of therapy, as it helps to focus upon successful treatment. According to the study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it was observed that children suffering from hearing loss (Born deaf/ Hard of hearing), and who were receiving early intervention services before 6 months of age are better prepared and made ready for kindergarten. This has created the demand for cochlear implants.

The demand of cochlear implant: Global and Indian Perspective:

Hearing loss is the most common congenital birth disorder, and out of which prevalence of SNHL in the world is 0.8-3/1000, while in India it is 1-8/1000 per birth. The main driving force for the cochlear implant market at a global level is due to

•Rising incidence of hearing loss in people of 12-35 age brackets.

•Increase in an aging population

•Rising noise in recreational gadgets and other lifestyle settings

•More adaptability towards cochlear implants.

•Innovations in design and durability

•Technological advancement in cochlear implants.

•Possibility of customer-specific customization of cochlear implants

Neubio: A revolution in Cochlear Implant Industry

Neubio is true “A revolution in Cochlear Implant Industry” driven by innovative Swiss technology & research. It manufactures state-of-the-art cochlear implants and provides “out of the box” hearing solutions to its patients of diverse age and medical conditions. Neubio’s innovative “Bold Series” wearables come with an electronic-free cochlear implant and wireless sound processor that empowers you to live to the fullest and reach your full potential. The device offers users the highest quality full-spectrum audio with the ease and comfort of wearing the Bold lifestyle processors throughout the day. When it comes to hearing solutions, Neubio has allegiance to innovation and quality. Neubio takes pride in its technological advancement for

•Delivering Swiss technology in India

•Developing the industry’s only electronic free cochlear implant

•“Bold” sound processor that delivers analog signals providing a true-to-life listening experience to users

•Providing users the ability to enjoy pure tone, music, understand tonal languages & hear natural sound

•State-of-the-art signal pathway & coding approach.

•Sleek & elegant designs that stand out

•Smallest and Thinnest implant in the industry

•Simple, smart, safe, devices and patient-specific gold standard services, and support

•Rotatable Magnet for a seamless and painless MRI experience

•Durable design with reduced joints, multilayer protector adding more life to cochlear implants

•Undemanding maintenance

Neubio’s goal: To make cochlear implants more accessible

Neubio has one simple goal, to make cochlear implants more accessible to the hearing-impaired community all around the world. Neubio brings hope to many patients & cities:

•Lacking resources and infrastructure

•With no funding options

•With minimal awareness

•Inability to meet high post-care costs


Cochlear implants are writing a successful medical prosthesis story with, less than a 0.2% rejection rate(3). There is significant growth in the cochlear implant market, the adult and pediatric segment contributes a share of 60.6% and 39.4% in 2020 (4). Booster for adult segment includes innovative research and increment in speech-related therapies. On the other hand pediatric segment sees growth because early intervention can speed up the process of learning a language which would further lead to better outcomes as compared to delayed treatment. However, this is the first segment of this long journey. From screening to rehabilitation, and therapies for speech and language can bring real change. Neubio’s easy-to-use advanced cochlear implant is bound to make significant changes in the cochlear implant market in recent years. Its strong team does dynamic interplays among the need of the patients, audiologists, and surgeons. It offers simple, smart, safe, devices and patient-specific services, and support, incorporated with the most innovative technologies to match the need of diverse ages with diverse medical conditions. Whether it is the sound of the rain or a bird chirping, through Neubio’s audio technology, you can hear sounds that have meanings and emotions, A true revolution.






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