Retail Price Checker Kiosks: History, Benefits & Steps to Use Them

Author : AML td | Published On : 10 Apr 2024

Are you tired of aimlessly wandering through stores, unsure of whether you’re getting the best deal? Do you often find yourself spending more than you intended because you’re unsure of the true cost of items? If ‘Yes,’ then surely, you guys would be sick of it. In today’s fast-paced world where time is less, and budgets are tight, for the majority of us, the need for efficient and accurate price checking has never been more crucial. That’s where retail price checker kiosks enter the chat. These sleek and user-friendly kiosks are popping up in stores everywhere. Look around your nearby market; you may see retail price checker kiosks in many stores.

Okay! Back to the topic. This blog post unravels the history & valuable information you may need to use these innovative kiosks effectively. Moreover, this guide also uncovers the myriad benefits of retail price checker kiosks. So, without further ado, take a cup of your favorite coffee in your hand and start reading this informative guide.

Understanding Retail Price Checker Kiosks: Meaning & History

Before discussing its benefits & steps to use them. Let’s take a look through its meaning & evolution.

Retail price checkers are self-service devices typically found in retail stores. They are particularly designed to provide shoppers with quick and convenient access to pricing information for various items. These innovative devices feature a user-friendly interface and a barcode scanner. By scanning the barcode of any item, shoppers can read the price details and other valuable information.

Percival Everitt invented the first self-order kiosk in 1833. However, for more than 120 years, these kiosks were mechanically operated.

Murray Lappe (from the University of Illinois) created the first interactive kiosk in April 1977. This kiosk was particularly designed for students or academic-related individuals. Dr. Howard Schneider created the first retail self-check kiosk. By the 2000s, these retail price-checking kiosks were available in most American supermarkets.

How to Use them?

Using these retail price-checking kiosks is an easy and straightforward process. Follow these steps to do so.

Step #1: Approach the Kiosks

Firstly, locate the retail price checking kiosk in the store. It is usually installed near entrances, aisles, or checkout counters.

Step #2: Scan the Barcode

Use the built-in scanner to scan the item’s barcode found on its packaging or label.

Step #3: View Pricing Information

Check the valuable information such as current prices and discounts, and compare that with similar items for informed choice.

Step #4: Make Informed Decisions

Review pricing or other details to decide whether to purchase or explore other things.

Quick Look Through of the Benefits of Retail Price Checking Kiosks

By reading till here, of course, you would have got to know about its benefits. But, still, let us give you a quick roundup.


You can quickly access price information without searching aisles. This enables efficient decision-making.


By looking at the information displayed on the kiosk, you can grab the best deals & discounts.


Based on the pricing information, you can make an informed purchasing decision, which will enhance your confidence and satisfaction.

Final Words

Retail price checker kiosks have revolutionized the shopping experience, offering convenience and time efficiency to consumers.

Gone are the days of tediously searching for price tags or relying on outdated information!!!!!! It’s an era of Retail price checking kiosks, and we’re living in it.

So, next time you’re out shopping, be sure to take advantage of these innovative devices; otherwise, reading this blog post will be a waste of your time.

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