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Author : MIT Gurukul | Published On : 18 Sep 2021

Top Residential School in Pune
A school is a place where a roadmap for a child’s future is prepared. It is the setting where your child spends most of the time of his infancy, childhood and teenage period. So, it won’t be wrong to ascertain that a school is a space where your child gets his/her character and individuality along with academic knowledge. That is why parents are always serious about the schooling of their children. However, a question that haunts most of the parents is whether they should send their child to a day school or a residential school? Well, both types of school have their own significance, so it depends on your choice.

In general, boarding schools are considered better than day schools due to several reasons. Firstly, students can benefit from heightened interaction between colleagues, seniors, and teachers. The ambience of residential campus ensures that the students are engrossed in an educational world with learning at its core along with practicing other activities like sports, games, art, music & dance. The setup of a hostel encourages bonding, friendship, trust, and camaraderie. Furthermore, it prepares the students for future and to face challenges of the adult life as the students are encouraged to unleash their potentials. The children learn to be self-reliant and to make decisions on their own. Thus, it is a good option to send your children to boarding school for their complete development. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is regarded as the top residential school in Pune bestowed to its exceptional value-based learning ecosystem, robust infrastructure and modish amenities that ensures comfortable living of the students along with all-round personality development.

Best Residential School in Pune
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is the best residential schools in Pune that offers the finest learning ambience for the children. Its boarding life offers one of its kind learning ecosystem laden with world-class facilities, yet Indian ethos forms its core component. The school follows International Baccalaureate (IB) board that accentuates on value-based education. Its students are trained in an exclusive learning model where traditional learning style is combined with modish amenities.

The traditional ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’, which is the real essence of a Gurukul, is practiced in MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul. Here, ‘Guru’ is the sole mentor of his ‘shishya’ and he imparts knowledge, life skills, and values to his ‘shishya’. However, a unique blend of this traditional Parampara along with contemporary techniques of instruction forms the real quintessence of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul.

The hostel life in MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul gives the much-needed exposure to the child and prepares him/her for the adult life ahead. The boarding ambience is safe and homely. An ambulance is available 24*7 on the campus and the school has its residential doctor and nurses to take care of the health of the students. Prayers form an integral part of students’ routine so that they are rooted to the Indian traditions. There are weekly activities to unleash the creative side and ingenious thinking of the child. Outings and party are organized for the recreation of the students and to provide them with an exposure to the outer world. Furthermore, parents are regularly updated of all the ongoing happenings in the school and they also receive a progress report of their child. Thus, indubitably, you should send your child to MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul to mould him/her into a responsible and conscious global citizen who knows the optimum use of all the resources around him.