Reasons Why You Should Give Traditional Thai Massage a Try

Author : Nayada Institute | Published On : 06 Sep 2021

Most people think that Thai massage originated from Thailand, which is not true at all. It, in fact, originated from India and has been around for over 2,500 years. Traditional Thai massage is highly regarded as a healing art that includes Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine influences. 

What makes this massage therapy different from Western-type massage is that it doesn’t involve lying on a massage bed while a masseuse applies oil to your body and kneads your muscles and pressure points. Instead, you’ll be fully clothed lying on a mat on the ground while a practitioner uses pulling, stretching, and rocking techniques to relieve tension and promote relaxation and blood circulation. 

It is often referred to as assisted yoga, as it focuses on improving the flow of energy throughout your body. If that seems compelling to you, then you should consider reading this post until the end; you’ll find the whole technique quite rejuvenating. 

 What Are The Known Benefits Of Thai Massage?

Thai massage is known to be having many health benefits, and many of which are supported by scientific studies

  • Relieves headaches

If you are suffering from migraines or experience headaches somewhat regularly, you should give Thai massage workshops a shot. It has been found that patients with chronic headaches witnessed relief with Thai massage, which reportedly reduced the intensity of both migraine and tension headaches. 

  • Increases flexibility 

If you face issues with your range of flexibility, affecting your athletic performance or making things harder for you to move around, Thai massage can make your life a lot easier. It is believed that Thai massage has the ability to improve the blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles. This eventually helps reduce pain and decrease muscle adhesions. 

  • Eases up anxiety

One of the main reasons why most people prefer massage is the sense of calm and relaxation it brings at the end. Even though traditional Thai massage is said to be quite energetic than other forms of massage, it has shown evidence of lowering anxiety levels and increasing a systematic feeling of calm.   

  • Revives energy 

This massage is all about incorporating whole-body movements, which somewhat resembles yoga. For that reason, people say that when they leave Thai massage sessions, they feel relaxed and rejuvenated. So, if you are into something like that, make sure to give this massage shot; you won’t regret it. 

Last Words 

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient practice that has a lot to offer. It may reduce the severity of your frequent headaches, decrease lower back and joint pain, calm your anxieties, and energize both your mind and body.