Reasons to Use Outdoor Wood Burners in Auckland

Author : The Fireplace Technician | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

Wood burners are effective at providing a larger amount of radiant heat to warm draughty and poorly insulated spaces and rooms with high ceilings. They can be practical for warmth outdoors, too. As long as they are properly sized and installed, wood burners in Auckland can extend the use of your outdoor areas beyond summer and into the colder months. Besides that, there are other reasons to use outdoor wood burners. Here are some of them:


Wood is environmentally friendly


It’s carbon-neutral to burn wood because the resource is renewable. You just have to be sure you’re burning it cleanly, so it remains environmentally friendly. Burning dry wood in a properly installed clean-burning wood burner allows you to experience these benefits:


  • Use a sustainable heating fuel (wood).
  • Clean burning, which means reduced smoke particles that get in your lungs.
  • Non-smoky or clean-burning fire generates more heat.



Wood burners in Auckland won’t just keep you warm and toasty during cold days and nights in your backyard. They can be used for cooking, too. So, you have the option to entertain your family and friends outdoors in the summer. It may elevate the value of your outdoor entertaining area as it lets you use your backyard throughout the seasons.


They are customisable


Instead of buying ready-made wood burners, consider having one customised to suit your outdoor space. Reputable retailers and installers of wood burners in Auckland will work with you and provide a custom design that will enhance and transform your outdoor entertaining area into a conducive oasis for leisure and relaxation. You could also consider having a custom pizza oven made, so you can show off your gourmet cooking skills and prepare an easy and well-loved meal for family and friends.


Things to remember


It can be great to have wood burners in Auckland, but be sure that yours is designed and installed by professionals who know and understand the local rules for outdoor fires. As long as you meet the general fire safety conditions, you’re allowed to use a small cooking or heating fire, such as an outdoor fireplace and pizza oven. Consider checking your area’s or neighbourhood’s rules and regulations for building outdoor wood burners, too.


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