Real Estate Investments In The UAE

Author : Dr. Hassan Elhais | Published On : 10 Jun 2021

The real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates is well known for its transparent procedures and therefore is highly coveted amongst ex-pats. The real estate sectors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have consistently emerged as the most transparent real estate market in the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The factors that the UAE tops the list as the best city in the MENA region for ease of doing business as well as for its quality of living also contribute to the booming real estate market in the UAE. Recently Dubai attained 8th place in the Global Financial centers index report, which was granted based on its developments and achievements in the following sectors of business development, infrastructure and financial development, human capital, and other general factors.


While enticing investments are up for grabs in the UAE, new investors are well versed with the real estate rules and laws before entering into binding agreements. One should not let their emotions guide them and should take proper guidance and support from real estate attorneys. Real Estate Lawyer Dubai can guide you on the latest changes and rules being enforced in the emirate of Dubai by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). RERA has been at the forefront of innovative procedures that provide investors better transparency and stability in their investments. Property lawyers in Dubai should be consulted before you enter into real estate investments in the emirate. 


A commercial real estate attorney can guide you on the pro and cons of any sales agreement, which usually runs into hundreds of pages and is often one-sided. We have come across many investors who have signed the dotted pages without seeking due diligence or guidance from a Real estate lawyer in UAE and facing legal hurdles and complications in the long run.


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