Reachout to leads in real-time with Futwork!

Author : Harsha Rampal | Published On : 09 Mar 2021

A sales team’s response to a lead and everything that surrounds it, makes or breaks their success. Lead response time is essential because the quicker your sales team responds, the more likely you are to get in touch with the contact. Inbound leads are very important because of two reasons.

First, they typically have marketing spend against them, whether it be advertising, events, or even SEO, content, and partnerships. This means that inbound leads are more costly than outbound ones, and need to be captured and sold so teams can earn a positive return on investment.

Second, due to this marketing spend as well as their general nature, inbound leads are typically more qualified and ready to buy than outbound leads. This means they are looking to purchase, are in the midst of a purchase decision, or are a good customer fit. This interest also shortens the sales cycle, which means they have a higher probability of both closing, and closing quickly.

This makes inbound leads highly profitable for sales teams when managed correctly but they must be properly capitalized on with a rapid lead response time.

At Futwork, we are working with companies across industries to optimize their funnels by enabling them to reach leads in real-time using API Integration. We work with the brand hand-in-hand and ensure the process is customized as per their sales success. Companies like SOAL, Studysid, uFaber and many more are using Futwork’s API integration and getting promising results.

API integration ensures smooth data transfer and below are the benefits of enabling it for your company:

1. Real-time and smooth data flow: With Futwork’s API integration you don’t have to manually share leads and the process becomes hassle-free. It ensures a smooth flow of data between both parties involved. With real-time data transfer and our calling solution the projects are set for success with increased conversions
2. Outcomes customized as per client’s CRM: With Futwork’s calling solution it’s possible for customers to provide us the outcomes and we customize it based on their CRM system which makes it easier for the client to action the leads based on the results provided.
3. Automatic result push-back to client’s CRM: Once the calling is completed the response for the lead is updated in real-time and pushed back to the client’s CRM. It gives them the flexibility to action the lead in real-time and seals the deal.

If you are looking for real-time outreach to your leads with increased conversions and results on your campaigns, Futwork is the right place to be. We ensure end-to-end management and work with the brands to meet the desired results.

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