Raphael Avraham Sternberg

Author : Usama Khan | Published On : 25 May 2023

Photography that is freelancing is a sought-after professional ability, says Raphael Avraham Sternberg. If you are skilled in photography or youve always wanted to master photography it is easy to locate work shooting photos for companies all over the world. 

Interior designer

You could start your own business in interior design If you have a keen eye for style, saysRaphael Avraham Sternberg. If youre always receiving compliments whenever someone comes to your house this is an indication that youre a good person with the ability to decorate. Make use of them to offer interior design services either in person or online.

Yoga Instructor

The epidemic made it simpler than ever before to become certified as a pilates or yoga instructor (you can find courses for certification online! ) Also, it made it more popular to do at-home exercise.

If youre interested in wellness and love teaching the yoga method, becoming a yoga instructor could be a fantastic business idea. You can instruct at the studio, open your own studio, or provide classes online.

Jewelry brand

Do you have a love for jewelry? Every time you wear a piece, you get compliments from people on the pieces that youre wearing and would love to be a shopper for hours looking for the right jewelry. You might want to consider launching your own jewelry company. You can choose to enroll in a class and learn how to create jewelry on your own. Or, you can choose to stick with designing on your own and outsource production to professionals.

Personal trainer

If youre a fan of fitness and working out it is possible to earn a certificate and begin becoming a personal trainer. Its relatively easy to become certified in all countries. You could begin by acquiring clients from family and friends until you have a steady list of clients.

The pay of a personal trainer begins at just $25 an hour and can reach thousands of dollars, based on the number of clients and where they are located.


Achieving a certificate to be a nutritionist could take longer however its an excellent option if you are a foodie and want to live a healthy lifestyle. Clients can be found through family and friends of Illustration freelancers

If youve always wanted to draw and create art for fun You might want to think about becoming an illustrator freelance. You could work with advertising agencies, design advertisements, work with authors to make book covers or work on commission work for brands.

Graphic designer on a freelance basis

As a graphic artist, you are able to create websites and brand identities for private or corporate clients. You may also work with marketing and advertising agencies to design promotional materials.


If youve always dreamed of becoming an author published and publishing your own book, but you want to remain anonymous, you can begin a business in ghostwriting. You can offer ghostwriting services for articles, blog posts or books, and anything else in the comfort of your home.

Video Editor

If you enjoy making videos and editing them beginning your own video editing business is an excellent option. The skills of editing videos are in high demand, and youll discover a wealth of work in the private and commercial sectors working together with Youtube creators and other entrepreneurs on a small scale.

Producer of podcasts

Podcasting is also increasing and all podcast shows require audio editors and producers. If youre proficient or would like to take an online course to learn the craft to be a podcast producer, you should think about creating a company for podcast production.

Freelance web developer

Websites can be an excellent business opportunity for those who have an interest in IT and programming. Every business requires an online presence. With technology constantly evolving it is always necessary for an expert to build the ideal website.

You can also work together face-to-face or offer online coaching.

Personal chef

Personal chefs are getting more well-known in cities with large populations where professionals who are busy dont have the time to cook, but desire something delicious and nutritious. Clients can be found through your family or friends and working with local residents.


It is estimated that the beauty business will earn nearly 500 billion US dollars. And the demand for different beauty treatments is growing each year. If you enjoy looking after your appearance, then you might think about pursuing the certification of an esthetician and establishing your own salon.

Artists in makeup

Another option for a business related to beauty is to become a makeup artist. Make-up artists do not require a license, but you can earn one from any beauty school if would like. Begin by doing makeup on your family and friends, and then obtain referrals from them.

Travel agency

If youre a fan of traveling and travel, you may want to think about starting a travel agency. Agents for travel search to find the most popular locations for holidays and bargains and create holidays for all occasions, and work with clients to ensure that they enjoy the most enjoyable holiday experience.

Youll need to connect local hotels and tour guides to tourists, and it could be beneficial to be acquainted with the country, or be fluent in the local language so that you are able to provide the most authentic deals as well as experiences to your customers.


If you like engaging with people and helping others discover themeaningand direction through life, you may be interested in becoming a coach. Life coaches work with clients, assisting people navigate particular aspects of their lives. They can help you focus on time management, productivity confidence, dating body confidence, relationships, and much more.