QuickBooks Desktop 2024: Pricing, New Features & Download: A Complete Guide

Author : Julia Starke | Published On : 04 Nov 2023

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most popular accounting software used by small businesses. Intuit releases a new version of QuickBooks Desktop every year with new features and updates. In this article, we will take a look at what's new in QuickBooks Desktop 2024, it's pricing, how to download and get started with it.

Overview of QuickBooks Desktop


QuickBooks Desktop is accounting software developed by Intuit for small and medium sized businesses to manage their finances and accounting. It lets you track income, expenses, manage invoices, inventory, payroll and much more.


Some of the key things you can do with QuickBooks Desktop:


  • Track income and expenses

  • Create and send invoices

  • Manage accounts payable and receivable

  • Process payroll

  • Track inventory

  • Generate financial statements

  • Track sales tax

  • Connect bank accounts to download transactions

  • Manage budgets

  • Track mileage

  • Capture expenses using mobile app

  • And more...

QuickBooks Desktop comes in different editions for different business needs:

  • QuickBooks Pro - For freelancers, consultants & home-based businesses

  • QuickBooks Premier - For small businesses

  • QuickBooks Enterprise - For larger or multi-user businesses

It's a one-time purchase software that you install on your Windows or Mac computer. New versions with updates are released annually.

What's New in QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Here are some of the new features and updates coming in QuickBooks Desktop 2024:

Enhanced Receipt Management

QuickBooks 2024 makes it easier to manage and track receipts. You can now take pictures of receipts and attach them to transactions right from your phone's camera using the QuickBooks mobile app. The receipts are all stored and synced with your QuickBooks Desktop company file.

You can also easily view, edit or delete receipts directly within QuickBooks Desktop. This improves efficiency by having all your receipts accessible directly from your accounting software.

Improved Search

The search function in QuickBooks Desktop has been improved in the 2024 version. You can now search within forms, reports and graphs to quickly find what you need.

For example, when viewing a report, you can search for specific transactions or entries without having to export data to Excel. This makes analysis much faster.

More Customization Options

QuickBooks 2024 gives you more customization options for fine-tuning forms and reports. You can now customize headers, footers, add logos and color schemes to forms like invoices, estimates and sales receipts.

Headers and footers can also be added to reports. This allows branding forms and reports to match your company style.

Enhanced Payroll Management

If you use QuickBooks Payroll, the new version has added some handy enhancements. You can now view payroll summaries for the pay period and year-to-date right from the Home page.

Employee paycheck stubs have also been improved for better readability. And you can now print or email pay stubs in batches to employees.

Improved Inventory Tracking

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 makes it easier to track inventory with the ability to monitor stock levels across multiple locations. You can set different replenishment levels for each item at each location.

Inventory reports are also improved with the addition of more filters to analyze stock levels, sales patterns and identify fast/slow moving items. This results in better inventory control.

Other Improvements

Some other improvements and updates include:

  • Faster launch time for opening company files

  • Enhanced performance for large company files

  • Easier account reconciliation with automated match suggestions

  • Support for high resolution ultra-wide monitors

  • And over 100 other small improvements!

So in summary, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 focuses on enhancing user experience with improved search, customization, receipt management and visuals. And there are significant improvements to payroll and inventory management features.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Pricing

QuickBooks Desktop is available in 3 editions - Pro, Premier and Enterprise. Each edition is suitable for businesses at different growth stages.

Here is an overview of QuickBooks Desktop 2024 pricing:



QuickBooks Pro 2024

$299.95 one-time payment

QuickBooks Premier 2024

$449.95 one-time payment

QuickBooks Enterprise 2024

Starts at $1,600/year paid monthly

Note that QuickBooks Pro and Premier are one-time purchases. You buy it once and can use it forever. No subscription required.

QuickBooks Enterprise is a monthly subscription with access to advanced features like enhanced inventory, advanced reporting, remote access and higher user limits.

There are also volume discounts available if you purchase multiple licenses. And the price includes 12 months of support after purchase.

You can also purchase payroll, payment processing, and other add-on services for additional fees per month.

Upgrades from older versions of QuickBooks Desktop get discounts on the new 2024 release. Upgrading is recommended to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

How to Download QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Here are the steps to download QuickBooks Desktop 2024:

  1. Buy QuickBooks Desktop 2024 - You can purchase directly from Intuit's website or through places like Amazon. Make sure to get the 2024 release.

  2. Download the Installation File - After purchase, you'll get an order/license confirmation email from Intuit with the download link and license key. Save the installation exe file on your computer.

  3. Install on your Computer - Run the installation file and follow prompts. Activate the software using your license key.

  4. Set up a Company File - When launching QuickBooks for the first time, you'll go through an easy step-by-step setup process to create a new company file or convert an existing one.

  5. Configure Settings & Preferences - QuickBooks walks you through initial setup of tax codes, adding users, payment processing and other options selected for your business.

That's it! The software will now be ready to use for your accounting and finance tasks. Refer to QuickBooks help guides or contact customer support if you need assistance using the software.

Getting Started with QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Here are some tips to help you get started with QuickBooks Desktop 2024:

  • Take advantage of the Quick Start Center which guides you through common tasks to get started.

  • Go through Intuit's Learning Center tutorials and trainings for your specific edition of QuickBooks.

  • Import existing data from Excel, QuickBooks Online or other accounting systems using the Data Transfer feature. This migrates your existing business data into QuickBooks Desktop avoiding manual data entry.

  • Set up accounts, items, customers, vendors etc to match your business structure and needs using the available lists in QuickBooks.

  • Review the reports and dashboards. Customize them to show key metrics and data points helpful for your business.

  • Set up budgets to forecast and track revenue and expenses in future time periods.

  • Configure user permissions to restrict access as needed. Give full access to your accountant.

  • Automate transactions like recurring invoices and payments using features like Memorized Transactions.

Following these best practices will help you streamline your accounting process with QuickBooks. Contact Intuit support if you need help with initial setup and configuration.


QuickBooks 2024 Desktop brings some great new improvements for small businesses and accountants. The enhancements focus on user experience, visuals, payroll, inventory management and overall efficiency.

It's available in Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions depending on business requirements. One major benefit is that Pro and Premier are perpetual licenses without a recurring subscription.

Use the step-by-step guide above to purchase, download and get started using QuickBooks Desktop 2024 for your accounting and financial management needs. Take advantage of the Learning Center, community forums and support to learn how to use QuickBooks effectively.