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Author : Airlines Group Travel | Published On : 15 Mar 2024

What do you consider when making a group travel reservation? If comfort and convenience are the major concerns of the group, then go for Qantas Group Travel. Also, many wouldn’t know that Qantas Airlines is also one of the world’s safest airlines. So, it is likely to be a priority if there are children or elders in the group and even generally speaking. In this article, we discuss important group booking policies, steps towards Booking Qantas Group Travel, & other important info. 

What is Qantas group booking policy?

  • The passenger count of the group has to be 10 or more. 
  • Booking must be made at least 24 hours before the flight departure time to ensure all the group arrangements are in place. 
  • You are asked to select seats serial-wise in a row & not on an alternate basis. 
  • If a passenger happens to upgrade to a higher class for any reason, the selection of the seat is non-refundable. 
  • Passengers in the group must be traveling on the same flight itinerary - origin & destination should be the same. 

If you need any further clarification regarding any of the Qantas group bookings policies, do reach out to a Qantas customer service representative.

How do I make a group booking with Qantas?

Don't fret - if you don’t know how to make a group booking. Qantas Group Travel has 5 easy steps whether you are booking online or offline.

Online through official Website

  • Open the Qantas official website.
  • Make a request for "Group Booking". 
  • Add details - arrival, departure, dates & other preferences, if any. 
  • Confirm your booking request. 
  • Make a payment on the quotation received by mail or call. 

Offline Via customer service

  • Dial Qantas group sales department number.
  • State your group booking requirements. 
  • Mention your travel details: arrival, departure, journey dates, etc. 
  • Receive the best quotations as per your preferences. 
  • Make payment against the best quote to receive tickets. 


Thus, now that you are aware of how to make a group booking on Qantas, what are you waiting for? An amazing group tour experience awaits you and your group. Book your tickets today!