Qantas Air seat selection cost

Author : Lia paul | Published On : 05 Apr 2021

Qantas Airways is one among the famous Australian airline companies based in Mascot, Sydney. The Airlines serves around 85+ destinations with its one among the most important fleet sizes i.e. 126. Qantas Airlines is additionally one among the members of the Oneworld airline alliance and therefore the third oldest airline company within the world. The famous Australian company is additionally referred to as “The Flying Kangaroo”.

Seat selection is one among the foremost important things for any passenger. However, the value of those seats depends on the sort of flight and airline companies. Qantas Airways seat selection is pretty simple. The corporation also has its own online seat selection portal a bit like the other major airlines. But the most concern here is what proportion the Australian airline company costs its passengers for choosing their favorite seats. Hence, this text is meant to allow you to realize the value of choosing your preferred seats in Qantas Airways.

Do you have to pay for selecting seats on Qantas?

If you're traveling via Qantas Airways flight then you’ll not need to buy Saver and Flexible tickets.

• For Qantas Airways international flights, the fees for International Economy Sales Fares flights are:

  • Domestic: Free

  • Short Haul flights: Starts from A$15

  • Medium haul flight: A$40

  • Long Haul flights: A$45

Consistance with the 80 hours rule, It holds its premium seats in flights 80 hours before their scheduled departure. In order that the passengers with a premium membership can select their preferred seats within the buffer period.

However, passengers also can select their seats 24-48 hours before the scheduled time of departure of their Qantas flights. But those seats are going to be subjected to their availability.

Therefore, the aforementioned details are the foremost crucial ones that you simply must know. If you've already booked your Qantas Airways reservations & are willing to pick your own seats or change Qantas flight then you'll visit the company’s manage Booking section. You'll find this section on the official website of Qantas Airways.