Productive LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Author : Phil Sanchez | Published On : 03 Aug 2021

B2B marketers are familiar with LinkedIn. It's a popular site where 78 percent of Fortune 500 executives and decision-makers spend their free time. And in their spare time, they're not reacting to memes, jokes, or other forms of entertainment. Instead, they're skimming through connections to increase their network and find meaningful stuff to read.

As a result, LinkedIn is a powerful lead generation tool with a variety of opportunities. However, the truth is that few B2B marketers, particularly beginners, are aware of LinkedIn's hidden potential. So, how do you use LinkedIn to find such opportunities?

Create a Strong Business Page
When starting your LinkedIn marketing strategy, the first step is to create a solid corporate profile. A LinkedIn business page is the first impression you make on new clients, so it should include all of the relevant information. You can use it to attract new prospects through employer branding and provide corporate updates and new information.

Share Engaging Content
You may share a variety of items on LinkedIn. Articles on your profile, slideshows, and videos are some of the most popular content formats. Because LinkedIn is regarded as the most trustworthy source of content, approximately 98 percent of content marketers use it to generate B2B leads.

You can post anything as long as it's relevant to your audience, provides value, and builds your network. Posts could include anything from a simple proverb to a documentary, marketing advice, the latest corporate news, demographics, and so on. Make sure your content contains action words and piques your target audience's interest.

Join LinkedIn Groups
Many groups connected to your business niche, i.e., where your prospects and business clients are present, can be found on LinkedIn. For example, if your business offers digital marketing services, type digital marketing into the LinkedIn search bar and select the group's area.

You can also start a new group of your own choice. This will help you be distinguished as a leader in your field. It also allows you to share your innovations and ideas and see what others say about them. If you create such a group, make it a prominent group at the top of your company page. To maximize members in your group, include all of your employees in the group and encourage them to send group requests to their friends and industry-related professionals.

Use LinkedIn Ads
Members of LinkedIn contribute detailed information about their professional interests, talents, and affiliations. LinkedIn advertisements to market your business on LinkedIn are a terrific idea because LinkedIn has strong targeting capabilities that may assist you in making strategic selections.

Here are some various types of advertising by LinkedIn:

Sponsored Content
You can reach a larger audience and increase the number of views on your business page by using sponsored content. It also aids in the development of long-term partnerships with LinkedIn professionals.

Sponsored InMail
Similar to email marketing, but solely for Linkedin members. You can send targeted message adverts to your members using the Sponsored InMail feature, which is only delivered when they are online or active on LinkedIn. As a result, your message will be at the top of their inbox, and they will be able to view it quickly.

Text Ads
PPC (pay-per-click) ads on the LinkedIn homepage, search result pages, group pages, and profile pages are known as text ads. Many businesses have seen an increase in leads as a result of using LinkedIn for business marketing. In addition, not only businesses but several educational institutions have seen a 30 percent open rate for their admissions processes after using Sponsored InMail ads.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Automation Tools
LinkedIn's marketing tools make your job easier and get the job done when it comes to B2B prospecting. In addition, these solutions make it easier to engage with your target audience while conserving time and effort. 

An example would be AeroLeads. It is a lead generation tool for LinkedIn that speeds up your lead generation efforts by automating email searching and generating a list of unique emails in less time. With the AeroLeads software, you can quickly find business emails and phone numbers on LinkedIn.