Procrastination Can Cause You To Lose Out On Life

Author : Adam Shafqat | Published On : 02 Mar 2021

Procrastination can be defined as two different sides of the same coin. The definition of procrastination changes according to each and every individual's point of view. Procrastination is type of 'avoidance behavior' which refers to deferment of work, tasks, action with extending time limits. Some of the psychologists think that procrastination is a mechanism of coping with tasks or decisions with anxiety associated to it. Procrastination can be good as well as bad. Most of the people think that procrastination is bad because of the only reason that it delays the work. But no one looks at the reason why one is delaying the work.

We all have procrastinated once or many times in our work, but there are other things you might be doing which makes you delay the work. It doesn't really matter what work you do, but remember one thing one individual can work on one thing at a time. Procrastination deals with delaying things but if we use procrastination as a tool for our self than procrastination can be a very effective tool for us. You can segregate all your tasks into different categories, namely jobs which are less important, work with average importance and work that is most important. You can set up time limits for the tasks and as soon as you keep on completing the tasks the list becomes shorter and shorter. This is very useful when you have lot of tasks to be completed within a given period of time. This is a positive way of using procrastination, you delay in doing things but you still end up doing them in a better way.

The negative side of is delaying all the work that you have been given. Some people delay their work so much that they end up not doing it properly or not doing it at all. Some people have an attitude that they might finish later, so that they can rest at the current time they have. There can be only two reasons for this kind of behavior either they are not feeling well, stress or they are too lazy in doing their work. For example you are being told to finish a presentation on your company project, you think that you have the whole afternoon for doing the task and you can start with it after lunch. Say for some reasons you are not able to get time for it due to other tasks or you simply sit around postponing it till the last minute. At the end you do complete your presentation but you forget to put up the company's name at the start of the presentation. This may either cause you to lose your job or have a bad remark from your boss.

If procrastination is making you look down then there is a very effective tool for you, which will help you in not delaying your work or tasks. Hypnosis is the tool or treatment which you should undergo to get you rid of procrastination. Hypnosis will also help you in having less stress and make you active enough so that you don't just feel lazy anymore. There are a lot of mp3 or videos available on the Internet, you can download some of them and go through the treatment yourself. So what are you waiting for, get ready to be a person who finishes his tasks on time, be a star at your workplace and make others wonder how you manage to do it?