Pre-wedding location every photographer in Mumbai should know

Author : Sagar Thackar | Published On : 11 Mar 2021

Mumbai is the city of dreams. But is it an ideal city for a dreamy pre-wedding photo-shoot? Well, it can be if you know just the right locations. All wedding photography packages in Mumbai should offer at least some of these places for a pre-wedding shoot.

  • Asiatic library

A white architectural masterpiece in the south of Mumbai is the most famous creation to stand tall in the backgrounds of so many pictures. This is something most wedding photography packages in Mumbai will cover. The bride should dress in a bright flowy gown so that her dress can fall over the long stairs to give their pre-wedding photo-shoot a cinematic effect.

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Fancy Princess Aurora from Maleficent? Your pre-wedding photo-shoot can have that vibe if you go to the national park in Borivali. Just wearing a pastel dress like her and adorning a crown will make the bride look very beautiful, and with the perfect forest feel in the background, the picture can be a face for the best wedding photography packages in Mumbai.

  • Gateway of India

Gateway of India is one of the top choices for a pre-wedding shoot because in its background, it has sea, beautiful and vintage architectures, an open sky and an occasional swarm of pigeons which give the photos a very rustic and unique feel. It is a very spacious location so the photographer can even play with the focus and create artsy pictures.

  • Bandra band-stand/bandra fort

This is the end of the sea-shore in Bandra behind Taj Land Ends where the waves clash with the rocks on the shore and create a very picturesque background. What adds to the beauty of this location is the iconic Bandra-Worli sea-link which will make it a great location for the shoot. You can go on the rocks, let the waves clash with your feet and take beautiful couple photos.

  • Ballard Estate

An early morning shoot in the empty streets of Ballard estate will be the best decision for your pre-wedding photo-shoot. This street is occupied by vintage buildings that the Britishers had built when they were in India and are more aesthetically coloured than our modern structures today. The make-up for a beautiful palette with your co-ordinated outfits and is a location that is very convenient as well.

  • Sion Fort

Sion fort is a rustic old piece of construction that gives a beautiful vintage looks to your pre-wedding photo-shoot. It is a very grey/brown monotonous structure where pop coloured outfits look really beautiful for couple photos. The site also has a few staircases where the bride and groom can stand a few steps away for the focus and bokeh to play its role.

  • Marine drive

Marine Drive is a great place to conduct a shoot while the sun is setting in the background. This place also makes it very convenient for silhouette shots of the couple. Maybe some undeniably beautiful cliché shots playing with the sun and silhouettes should be a part of your album?

Pictures from the pre-wedding shoot are the most used and flaunted photos by any bride or groom. Therefore, it is only appropriate to consciously select and plan the locations for the same.