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Author : Carl Glendon | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

Safety Tips to Follow While Writing a Power of Attorney Form


A Power of Attorney Form is a piece of document that can offer a lot of convenience, and can let a person appointed by you (agent or attorney-in-fact) carry out affairs on your behalf. This kind of a document can be used or abused during fraudulent transactions. This kind of a document can be used while you are abroad for some purpose, recuperating from an operation etc. That said, there are quite a few guidelines that you must follow in order to preserve your basic safety. Here are some of the important safety tips that can be followed at the time of writing a power of attorney form in New York.

Monitor your agent’s actions

You must take care to keep your finances in an account other than the one that you entrust your agent with. It is important to ask for standard accounting reports and statements. As there is no authority to regulate the actions of appointed agents or attorneys-in-fact, you have to make sure that the agent does not abuse his / her power.

Mention an expiry date

It is important for the Power of Attorney to be effectual as soon as you sign it, if you do not mention otherwise. You also have to mention a date of expiry when the form would get null and void automatically, with no need for any revocation. In case you are content with how your affairs are managed by your agent, you can have the option always to get another document issued. You can find free power of attorney form templates online, to make your POA form from.

Issue a Limited POA

In case you would only like your agent to deal with specific matters, you do not have to issue a General Power of Attorney. A Specific Power of Attorney or Limited Power of Attorney can be the best solution. It can ensure that your agent cannot take over your life and do whatever he wants. His actions will be restricted to only a specific area, and making a POA document restrictive rather than broad can keep you as safe as possible.

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