Popular Cryptocurrencies to Explore in 2021

Author : Marketing Team | Published On : 13 May 2021

What could be an ideal approach towards leveraging the ongoing cryptocurrency boom? As per industry observers, market capital and crypto liquidity should be the basis of finalizing a cryptocurrency to invest in in 2021.

Besides, an investor should not go wrong in deciding the crypto exchange. As an instance, instant exchanges are highly recommended for an inexperienced investor.

The next thing to choose carefully is the crypto wallet. The crypto wallet selected should be in sync with an investor’s requirements,

Regarding crypto, it is the users that decide the worth of crypto. An enhanced user base indicates a higher price. Therefore, the current user base is an important aspect to consider while finalizing on a crypto in 2021.

Moreover, the year 2021 is different. The pandemic-hit world poses a different scenario wherein previous data may not be a perfect assessment tool to rely upon. It would be a sensible approach to look at some of the popular cryptocurrencies worth exploring for their investment potential.

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in 2021


Bitcoin still remains the most popular among cryptocurrencies with reliable investment potential. This crypto tops the list with respect to market capital. The reliability is owing to the fact that bitcoin has been able to resist many of the instances of market volatility in the past.

Furthermore, the BCH, Bitcoin Cash, is another popular option for crypto investors. BCH happened in 2017, which functions on a similar algorithm. However, the block sizes are not identical to bitcoin.


Another popular name among cryptocurrencies in 2021 is Tezos. This crypto currency enables an investor to carry out affordable staking. An investor can avail Tezos crypto for a price of about $2. Due to this increased affordability, it is pretty easy to make Tezos a significant part of an investor’s portfolio.

Tezos is a blockchain network that enables P2P transactions through its native XTZ cryptocurrency via its decentralized platform. The deployment of smart contracts enables this.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ether is the cryptocurrency linked to the Ethereum blockchain. Ether has been able to show a growth rate that is faster than even bitcoin. Also, Ethereum runs on a number of contracts so that transactions could be delayed or approved based on real-world happenings.

ETH is also associated with transactions that won’t go beyond 15 seconds. However, trading costs might be on the higher side. Yet, its speed turns ETH ideal for real-time utilization instead of merely functioning as a ‘store of value’.


Several financial institutions leverage XRP as a perfect alternative for the SWIFT network. In addition, the price per coin is comparatively much lower.


ADA functions on the Cardano network and is one of the technologically sophisticated cryptocurrencies with a proof-of-stake system. Also, it uses smart contracts to analyze transactions while dealing with payment methods such as Ethereum. Also, the currency took just about three years to reach the $10 billion market cap.

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