Pool Remodeling & Renovation

Author : L.A. Decks | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

LA Decks offers homeowners professional pool remodeling and pool restoration services every day. Our goal is to bring new life to backyards and swimming pools across the country.

Every homeowner deserves a perfect oasis in their backyard. Our pool professionals have the skills and certification to complete any kind of pool remodeling service.

No matter where you are at the moment, our pool experts will help you design and install your pool.

Signs that it's time to remodel your swimming pool

Even the most beautiful pool needs to be renovated at some point. It is important to recognize the signs that could indicate costly repairs before you start a remodel. These are:


Some homeowners assume that pool renovations and remodels are only for aesthetic reasons. This is not true. A complete overhaul may be necessary due to physical damage.

A repair to cracks in a pool wall may provide temporary relief, but there may be an underlying problem that could cause the leakage to return after some time. This is often due to poor construction or installation.

Irreversible damage to your pool's concrete structure may have already occurred depending on how long it has been leaking. A complete renovation is the best option to prevent future problems.

Inefficient Energy Use

When was the pool constructed? If the answer is older than 10 years, it's probably time to upgrade. You can help the environment and your wallet, too. Our renovation and pool remodeling services use eco-friendly, energy-efficient designs that will help you do your part while lowering your utility bills.

Old pump, filter, or plumbing

To keep your pool clean and clear throughout the year, you need to have a pump, filter, or plumbing. Age is the most common reason any one of these components should be replaced. These are the most common signs that a pump, filter, or plumbing problem is occurring.

  • Loud vibrations, humming, and rumbles
  • Excessive grinding and screeching sounds.
  • Swimming pool bubbles
  • Pressure and suction loss
  • A swimming pool needs to be cleaned frequently.
  • recurring breaker box problems

Old Equipment

There is a possibility that your pool was built more than 10 years ago. You may need a new filter or pump if you are experiencing frequent leaks, excessive noise from the equipment running, or inefficiency in cleaning. This will reduce the overall cost of operating a pool.

Modern pool equipment offers far greater convenience. Modern systems can be connected to your phone to automate a schedule. This makes it possible to avoid having to travel to the control box.

Old Lighting

This may not be the main reason why you decide to remodel your pool. However, it is something to think about. Older, broken or failing lights can pose a safety risk for your whole family, including any pets or children.

It could be an electrical problem, not a bulb going out. A remodel would allow our team to fix any underlying problems and upgrade your system. Our team can use LED lights instead of traditional incandescent bulbs for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

You may want to upgrade the color-changing lights depending on your style. This will ensure that the next pool party doesn’t end when the sun sets.

Older pool styles

Although vintage pools can be charming, the outdated design may not be as appealing. It may not be as eco-friendly or as energy efficient as you would like, and it might not be the pool you have been looking for. No matter what the reason, a pool renovation will make sure that the substructure is in good condition and that the overall design suits your taste.

Faded Deck

It's time to give some attention to your pool deck! It's just like your pool. You need to look out for signs that your deck could use some renovation.

  • Natural growth (algae and mold, weeds) etc.
  • Chipped paint, scratches, and scuffs
  • Fading clolour due to sun exposure
  • Cracks and fractures
  • Wood rot
  • Design outmoded