Polished Concrete Flooring as the Best Concept for Complexes

Author : concrete tactix | Published On : 09 Apr 2021

Concrete flooring is not only for industrial facilities, factories, or home improved stores. Polished concrete flooring in Brisbane offers a glass-like appearance that makes the floor attractive and beautiful and even boosts the potential to hold the things like foot traffic even high heels! These floors are unique in design and durable along with the aesthetic appeal that makes it the perfect selection for complexes and apartments. Concrete doesn't mean normal slab but it’s all about polished concrete. If one looks at the unpolished concretes flooring of warehouses or any building then he/she would find that the floor develops a layer of dust that makes the floor appear dirty. But, if polished flooring is used it changes the game and provides a better appearance to homes.

Where does the polished concrete work effectively?

This flooring is considered the best option but is not eligible as the correct every type of apartment community. Let’s explores the best solution of flooring:


In case one is in search of a solution that could upgrade the basic concrete slab design that serves the first-floor resident patios. And the best suggestion is concrete polish as an excellent solution.

Community hallways:

Apartment hallways have to think of the regular traffic that falls from the residents and additional traffic that enters and exits the residence. Polished concrete makes hold on the regular foot and function of the carpet that gets loaded with the furniture and moving boxes.

Apartment entryways and dining spaces:

In case, you have already installed polished concrete flooring in Brisbane in the apartment building then it is equally important to sense the installation in different locations of apartments or homes such as entryway that could be provided with the best design with the use of polished concrete. The dining space which is adjacent to the entryway should be designed economically with the installation of polished concrete flooring. This polished concrete floor is easy to be maintained as it is easy to clean.  However, it doesn't have to get cleaned regularly. If it is concerned with the multi-story building then one does not need to worry due to its heaviness. The building design can easily support concrete flooring which meets the entire requirement. 

Which place should not have polished concrete flooring?

Pool deck:

Polished concrete flooring is not at all a slippery surface even when it is wet. Therefore it is considered as the ideal option for pool deck flooring but even it comes with few demerits for swimmers and sunbaths such as:

  • Polish concrete turned too hot when exposed to direct sunlight
  • The use of tanning oils and sunscreen will cause polished concrete surfaces to much slick.
  • The lack of chemical resistance in the polished concrete causes a change in the appearance with the exposure to the pool water which is considered to have the ph value lower or higher than the neutral value.

Grilling areas and kitchens:

The cooking grease can make the floor slick. And the oil spilled from the grill or stove gets absorbed by the floor and even smells bad along with the long-lasting stains.


The polished concrete floors can easily absorb the water and liquids so it is quite often exposed to the occurrence of stains and odors that remains for a longer duration until cleaned. 

Thus, it needed to go for some different kind of specialized flooring that could easily provide durability and protection that one must desire for. However, the concrete flooring in Brisbane is considered to function well for other areas such as leasing office, car washing ports, pet bathing station, etc. for better assistance get in touch with Concrete Tactix consultation today!