Picture Hanging Isn't Just About Putting Pictures on Walls

Author : Peter Bonson | Published On : 29 Nov 2023

Picture hanging isn't merely about displaying pictures on your walls. It's an integral part of interior design and significantly impacts a space's overall aesthetic and ambience. Each element in a room, whether furniture or the selected colour scheme, contributes to creating a harmonious and appealing environment. The artwork chosen for the walls is no exception to this.

In fact, the way art pieces are displayed can profoundly influence the perceived beauty and balance of the space. A picture hanging system offers a functional and versatile solution in this respect. It brings convenience to the process of exhibiting art, allowing for a wide range of display options and the flexibility to frequently update or rearrange the artwork as desired. By adopting a thoughtful approach to picture hanging, you can enhance the visual appeal of any room, showcasing art pieces most effectively and engagingly.

The Functionality of Art Hanging Systems

A picture hanging system beyond the traditional hammer-and-nail approach serves a useful purpose. It’s a modern solution for art display and brings both versatility and simplicity. With a system like those supplied by The Gallery System, the process of hanging pictures becomes hassle-free. Using one of these more sophisticated systems is particularly beneficial for spaces that host a rotating collection of art, such as galleries, offices, or homes with an evolving décor theme. The design of these systems is discreet, often consisting of tracks mounted to the wall from which cables or rods hang. These can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, with hooks that hold the artwork and can be moved to accommodate pieces of different sizes and weights.

Selecting and Hanging Your Art

When selecting art for your space, the process should be thoughtful. Consider the existing design elements and choose pieces that complement or contrast strikingly. Once selected, the hanging process begins with the positioning of the art. The general guideline is to hang at eye level, which is approximately 145cm from the floor to the centre of the artwork. Many galleries and museums use this standard because it caters to the average human eye level.

Spacing is another critical factor. As a rule of thumb, 5 to 12 cm between framed pieces is a good margin. This spacing allows each piece to stand out while contributing to a collective harmony. For larger pieces, give them room to shine by increasing the space around them. When arranging multiple pieces, consider their collective impact—do they tell a story, or are they better appreciated as individual statements?

The Question of Over-Decorating Walls

While filling every wall with artwork can be tempting, restraint can often be more impactful. Not every wall requires decoration. Some spaces benefit from negative space, where the absence of artwork can accentuate the pieces you choose to showcase. Consider the wall size and room use when deciding whether to hang a piece. For instance, a large wall in a living area might be perfect for a bold statement piece, whereas a small wall in a hallway could be overpowered by too large or busy artwork.

Practical Tips for Picture Hanging

Here are some practical tips to make your picture-hanging process easier:

  • Measure Before You Hang: Always measure the wall space and the artwork before hanging. Use a pencil to mark where the top of the frame will sit and where the hanging system will attach to the wall.

  • Use the Right Tools: While picture hanging systems simplify the process, having a level, tape measure, and pencil will ensure precision in placement.

  • Consider the Weight: Check the weight capacity of your hanging system. Heavier pieces may require stronger hooks or cables.

  • Safety First: Ensure the art hanging system is securely attached to the wall, especially in high-traffic areas or homes with children and pets.

  • Art Protection: Avoid hanging art in direct sunlight or areas with high humidity to protect your pieces from damage.


Artwork reflects personal style and is an essential component of interior design. Picture hanging systems offer a flexible and sophisticated way to display art, from the living room to the boardroom. They encourage an interactive relationship with your art, allowing for easy changes and updates. The Gallery System provides a range of picture hanging systems that cater to diverse needs and settings, ensuring that your artwork is displayed securely, elegantly, and in a manner that complements your space. Contact them today to get started on a gallery you'll enjoy for many years.