Physician website design and tips for landing page design

Author : Adrain Thompson | Published On : 30 Jun 2021

A Physician puts lots of effort and resources into physician website design. But nothing is more irritating than spending for visitors that do not convert into patients. 

Boost your medical practice's conversion rate by making better landing pages and optimizing the search ads.

You can invest money in PPC. But PPC is not as easy as you think. Because all the online doctor advertising methods like PPC need a good landing to be successful.

Tips for landing page design

  • No landing page is a missed opportunity

Without a landing page, the use of any online marketing attempt using any of the channels is useless and ineffective.

When users visit your site they have a certain need. So they need and accept direction towards the "next step."

  • Keep it short.

The most effective landing pages are those that keep your visitors directed on the conversion process. Each landing page must convey a message. 

They should have a purpose. It should ideally match the language in your PPC advertising.  

Your hospital or clinic provides a wide range of services. Then, your attorney website design should have a distinct landing page for each service.

  • Include a simple and clear action step.

The landing page converts visitors' curiosity into action. A good landing page will:

  • Convey benefits.

  • Nurture the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Convince the visitors to:

    • Book an appointment.
    • Sign up for an event.
    • Purchase any services.
    • Ask for a callback. 

It should have a clear call to action. You should make it look big and appealing to the visitors.

We like to choose soothing, calm hues in the medical industry. As there's no obvious issue with it. Make sure your landing page's most critical elements don't merge with the background.

If your physician website design includes a good landing page, it looks after more than just what a future patient sees. 

It also covers the page's backend functions. The speed with which your landing page loads is crucial.  After all, only one second of extra loading time can lead to a 7% fall in conversions.

  • Keep your focus.

Healthcare Providers prefer to list all of their several and varied expertise. Maintain precision. Any landing page should properly support doctor advertising or the source that led the user to the site.

Keep it simple, avoid distractions and respond to a specific need with a concise answer or appealing solution.


  • Create a catchy header.

A bold and simple header is the greatest approach to rapidly convey your message on landing pages. Before users lose interest & exit, you must clearly and rapidly describe your service offering. 

The header and subheader give you a great chance to do that precisely.

  • Make your attorney website design search engine friendly.

If you have various services then you will have numerous landing pages. So every landing page must attract both users and search engines in terms of design and content. 

Search engine optimization is a combination of creativity, science, and expertise. You should hire an expert to help you with this. It will help your site and landing pages rank well in google search.

  • Make your forms simple

You'll lose potential patients if you make them fill out a long and difficult form, no matter how great your header or landing page is.

You have to collect contact details to generate leads. But if your form needs more than a minute to fill, you will hardly get any phone number or email address.

Select the fields on your form carefully. You can always gather extra details later if necessary.



Designing a landing page is a crucial part of attorney website design. As it helps in turning visitors into your patients. A landing page should have a purpose, a clear call to action, and soothing hues. Keep it simple, avoid distractions and respond to a specific need with a concise answer or appealing solution.