Phone Line Installation

Author : tss telco | Published On : 21 Sep 2021

Many Australians whether they are renters or landlords are confused about who is responsible for the payment of a new phone line installation. Let me clearly explain a few things to you and just to point out, if you are considering either installing a new phone line or repairing an old one within your premises, you must first contact your landlord or your Real Estate agent and demand approval to make any alterations to the property that weren’t initially there when you rented that house. This makes absolute sense. Isn't it?

Always used a knowledgeable and licensed telephone technician on rental properties who are registered as a legal entity, business, or company and hold relevant insurances and an ACMA license.

TSS Telco is a business that provides you with a private technician to help you with your internet when your service provider won’t. When you book one of our techs, you will get an ACMA licensed telecommunications technician, with a police check and liability insurance.

Are you having problems with your internet? Do you want to improve your wifi signal? Do you need data/ethernet connections?

We have many solutions for improving your internet experience.

Our quality of service is maintained by always focusing on what’s best for the customer. We look at how to improve your work, study, or leisure time, and then find the right solution for your budget. We also want to know what your experience is like when we work for you. So any feedback on how you feel, good or bad, is always valued.

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